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What Will Life Be Like in 1000 Years?

The Year 3015

She sat, upstairs and downstairs, because the house continually changed to reflect the needs of its occupants. Mom sent thoughts through their home computer, wired to her brain and to her son, below, or above. “You’re going to be late for school, Love. Have you synced up and met your body’s nutritional needs? Did you replenish your dopamines from eating something satisfying with your mouth? That’s still important, you know! I’m coming down. Or up.”

“Gawd, Mom,” he sent. “Of course I did, and I’m busy downloading my paper, so am wired up and appreciate you not interrupting!”

He was worried though. The school system had recently been wonky, and had allowed other students to claim his thoughts as their own through the system. It had come a long way from a few years ago when they all had to plug in manually. He missed that old system at times.

His fellow students were cheating, bypassing the webs, and he didn’t like it. 

The Year 2015

We had a storm last night, and our electricity was out. “I can’t go to bed,” my son said. “The Pain Cweeper might be upstairs, and I won’t be able to see him before he sees me. I’m scared.”

“The Pain Creeper?” I asked? “Yeah,” he replied. “The bad guy with the mask and the hood and he jumped out of my friend’s closet and got him and he showed me blue and red on his nose from it, so I know he was real…” he trailed off.

He drew the shape of a scythe in the air, and put his hands on his forehead, arching from his eyes like a cape. “The Grim Reaper?” I asked.

“That one. He’s scawy.” he answered.

Last night, all any of us wanted was for the power to come back on. The entire neighborhood was black, unlit, and scary. Bedtime reading was interrupted. Life was interrupted. My little boy wasn’t able to hold his hamster because I was worried that Lightning (the hamster) would scurry under a darkened dishwasher and, without power, we’d be unable to retrieve him.

I thought about Abe Lincoln, reading by candlelight. I thought about the befores and those who lived 1,000 years ago.

The Year 1015

“Alright, son. It’s fine that you study Plato by the fire until your father comes home, but you know how he feels about that mumbo-jumbo. We’re in the middle ages now, after-all, and while a few of us hold education to the light, most of the world is uneducated and falling short, and fighting and killing to gain our peace and our right to more land. Study, and know that you’re one of the lucky ones. Study, boy, but you’ll ruin your eyes soon by the fire. The sun was down hours ago. Go to bed. I love you. You’re a gift from God.”


1015 and special needs

“He’s a gift from God!” she exclaimed to the man gathering the maimed in a cart to die. A priest stepped in and said “She’s right, he is a gift from God, and I will take him, and pray for him.” He was one of the lucky ones.

2015 and special needs

“Let’s talk about school services, and medication, and formulate an IEP,” the educator said. “But he’s a gift from God!,” the mother declared. “I know,” she replied. “But he’s going to have a very difficult time. He’ll struggle with language for his entire life. We’ll help him, though, I promise. I just met him, and already love him,” she said.

“Okay,” replied the boy’s mom. “I trust you. Help me to know what to do best.”

3015 and special needs

“So he’s got the xyz abnormality which we’ve mostly eliminated from the gene-pool these days,” says the doctor. “What does that mean?” asked the boy’s mother. “He’s a gift from God, after all.”

“Well, we’ll not have to wonder much, any longer,” the doctor replied. “With science and our new computer systems wired directly to children’s brains for their assignments…that he can’t speak or write… this may be the best time for him to be.”

She continued. “In science, we like to think of developmental delays the same way we used to see weakness in skin color. Pale people were more wrinkled and more likely to get cancer, and nature helped us, through the process of evolution, to grow a bit darker, each year. Especially helpful with the decline in skin cancer, as you’ve seen.”

“Um, right, but will the other kids make fun of him?” she asked.

“No. They won’t. That’s no longer allowed.”


In 3015, I believe that we will live in a land of Empathy and Wonder, and that we will see not skin color, sexual orientation, reading abilities or disabilities, but heart, humor, light, and laughter. Because no matter the year, there has to be laughter and acceptance, right?

What will life be like in 1000 years?

A Finish the Sentence Friday prompt. This one is “In 1,000 years from now…”

Hosts: Me, Kristi Rieger Campbell from Findingninee
And your co-hosts, Lizzi from Consierings
and birthday girl Dana from Kiss My List 

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  • Dana - Ooooh – this was GOOD. I know this wasn’t the point, but it’s interesting that in your 3015, empathy and wonder prevail, but students still cheat. And that with all the scientific advances, people still believe in God.

    Yes, I know you made it up in your imagination, but I read it like it was real, because your words make it so.October 29, 2015 – 10:27 pmReplyCancel

    • Kristi Campbell - LOL Dana and yeah, I think kids might always cheat. Thank you!! 🙂 HAPPY BIRTHDAY!October 30, 2015 – 3:19 pmReplyCancel

  • JT Walters - With your humor and advocacy I have not doubt there will be more love and acceptance for people of diversity.

    However,today’s individual with disabilities will be Einstein compared to humans in a thousand years. Sadly, the Greeks knew more about Math, Science, politics, and just about every subject you can think of today. We are losing information through time.

    In a thousand yearsI imagine mankind will be cavemen again if they exist at all.

    Thomas Jefferson had Aspberger’s Syndrome and his creations are all throughout Virginia and DC. Children with Special needs maybe the messengers to the future like Jefferson. What makes them “disabled” may keep them working harder to retain formation and their gene pool out survive all others.

    It is conjecture but since you asked I thought I’d add food for thought.October 29, 2015 – 10:37 pmReplyCancel

    • Kristi Campbell - You always have such interesting points. My husband and I were just talking last night about the dark ages and Plato and Rome and how so much information was lost but also so much was retained which is pretty incredible really.October 30, 2015 – 3:21 pmReplyCancel

  • Lizzi Rogers - FRIST!October 30, 2015 – 2:05 amReplyCancel

  • Lizzi Rogers - For once you weren’t in MY brain, then. I love how you jumped it around. Your comment about Plato is a good thinker, because it’s one of the thinks I thought when I read Homer – that this book, this story, has been around for millennia, and each reader, whether king or pauper or astronaut or slave, has responded in the same way to it (like the author intended) – that there are facets to our humanity which are so consistent, and so very the same (in spite of our differences) that they will endure.October 30, 2015 – 2:11 amReplyCancel

  • Christine Carter - Wow. This made me think. I love it when I read your words and they make me think. Really think. 3015 doesn’t sound so bad after all… <3 And yes oh yes, no matter the year. Empathy, wonder- and ACCEPTANCE.October 30, 2015 – 3:31 amReplyCancel

  • Janine Huldie - For the most part, 3015 sounds like a time I would like to live in, especially the wonder and empathy parts for sure. Beautiful Kristi and most definitely gave me some much needed food for thought.October 30, 2015 – 4:46 amReplyCancel

  • Allie - You are crazy! You know that? Oh to live inside that beautiful and crazy mind!October 30, 2015 – 6:31 amReplyCancel

  • Kerri - Oh I love how your mind works…seriously how you sometimes broach a prompt equally amazes me with your imagination and makes me wonder what else goes on in your mind.

    I really hope, to the depths of my soul, that in 3015 our kids are just kidsOctober 30, 2015 – 10:05 amReplyCancel

    • Kristi Campbell - You’re so kind, Kerri! And yeah, I hope SO MUCH that people are more accepting. I hope it doesn’t take 1,000 years to get there.October 30, 2015 – 3:22 pmReplyCancel

  • Elizabeth - What a fun post! So creative!October 30, 2015 – 10:44 amReplyCancel

  • Kelly McKenzie - Clever. Loved the zipping back and forward in time.
    My son taught me a valuable lesson with our hamster. Should – god forbid – the hamster get out and make a dash for freedom, scatter multiple food trails from his/her cage around the house. Hamster will make its way out from under the dishwasher and find his/her own way home.October 30, 2015 – 2:46 pmReplyCancel

  • Tamara - Well, geez. You’re on fire with this! Your brain is awesome. We should have a brain meeting. I have no idea what that means, but the Pain Creeper shows that the force is strong in that one too.
    I think human nature even in 3015 isn’t surprising. Cheaters. Lovers. Wonderers. Wanderers.October 30, 2015 – 3:23 pmReplyCancel

    • Kristi Campbell - LOL to a brain meeting and YES PLEASE!!! Pain Creeper is like the Grim Reeper. I think we need to eliminate him. Maybe Cassidy, as GROOT (crap, is that the name???) can do so for us. What’s he going to be this year anyway?October 31, 2015 – 12:00 amReplyCancel

  • Anna Fitfunner - Really cool that you are able to envision 3015. I tried to think what it would be like, and my mind froze. I wondered if we’ll even be truly human then. But of course, I won’t have to worry about that, unless the Singularity ( happens in our lifetimes….October 31, 2015 – 1:55 amReplyCancel

  • Clark Scottroger - “…He’s a gift from God, after all
    while conditions affecting daily living surely will change (as they have changed) the things that are important are the things that do not change.October 31, 2015 – 2:00 amReplyCancel

  • Sandra - If anybody can change the world and make advocacy unnecessary because everyone will be thought of as equal and important and divine, it’s you. The love you pour into raising your son and the hours you have spent educating so many on topics that are often swept under the carpet means that no matter what dumbass may try to bring down society with dumbass comments, people like you can be counted on to beat them down with reason and proof of the power of acceptance. I was going to add stuff about beating the living crap out of those people but I thought I’d quit while I was still sunshine and light.October 31, 2015 – 9:33 amReplyCancel

    • Kristi Campbell - Aw sweets, you’re always sunshine and light to me. I like that you want to beat the crap out of people who are dumbasses!!!November 1, 2015 – 10:26 amReplyCancel

  • Out One Ear - Linda Atwell - How in the world do you come up with this stuff??? I want the 1000 years from now to be RIGHT NOW! No more making fun of others, no more bullying. It should have never been allowed. Of course this piece speaks to my heart, just like all your other pieces. I just posted a piece about my cousin who is the same age as me and was bullied all through school. The sad part is, he is still bullied (on occasion) as an adult. I get livid every time I hear one of his horrible stories. Anyway, I love your 1000 years from now predictions. I hope they come true. Sooner than that. Hugs to you and happy Halloween to you and your crew.October 31, 2015 – 6:18 pmReplyCancel

    • Kristi Campbell - Linda, I want the 1,000 years from now to be RIGHT NOW TOO. People making fun of others, and bullying them just sucks. There’s no reason for it and that your cousin continues to be bullied as an adult breaks my heart. Why can’t we all be better? Why can’t people realize that kindness goes so far, and lasts so long, and that so does the opposite?! People remember the feeling of being picked on forever. Sigh. Hugs back to you and thank you. We did have a fun Halloween – Tucker was a GI Joe Ninja guy and had a great time. Of course, this morning, we have way too much effing candy… 😉November 1, 2015 – 10:29 amReplyCancel

  • Lisa @ Golden Spoons - Love what you did with this – only I hope we don’t have to wait 1000 years for the empathy and wonder and laughter and acceptance. 🙂November 1, 2015 – 3:41 pmReplyCancel

  • Emily - Oh how i loved this…and how I wish we lived in 3015 now…we’re getting there and I hope we don’t have to wait 1,000 years for the Land of Empathy and Wonder…November 2, 2015 – 2:30 pmReplyCancel

    • Kristi Campbell - I wish we did too, Emily! I hope we don’t have to wait 1,000 years either. We need it now!November 2, 2015 – 7:41 pmReplyCancel

  • Roshni - This reminds me of the whole Back to the Future thing and how people imagined 2015 to be SO much more advanced! Well, always good to hope! 🙂November 2, 2015 – 4:02 pmReplyCancel

    • Kristi Campbell - Roshni,
      I love that movie! And yeah, we do really expect people to be more advanced than reality. Thanks for the reminder!November 2, 2015 – 7:43 pmReplyCancel

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