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As I wrapped my little boy’s lifeless hamster in tissues and ziplocks, readying him for a later burial and for a for-now freezer-stay, I remembered my childhood, and felt the blue vinyl sticking to my legs while crying with my brother in the back seat of my mom’s car. We were on the way to […]

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  • Emily - I have memories of pet rodents too…we had a gerbil and without taking up too much of your comment space, let’s just say it bit the tip of my nose and was hanging off of it swinging back and forth (with me screaming) and my brother came in the room and knocked him off my nose. He scurried to a corner of the room and we both ran out and left him there until our parents came home. Ahh, childhood memories…I love that you had a pet rat. I feel bad for T and his hamster, but I love how you handled it. I agree, he was 99 probably.February 4, 2016 – 10:18 pmReplyCancel

  • Linda Atwell - Out One Ear - A SNAKE???? That would be my answer too Kristi! And it is odd that this is your post today.

    You see, there was one in the newspaper to a Dear Abby type columnist and the parents were writing about how devastated their child was with the death of his cat. The child wrote a note and put it on the grave and the next morning the note was gone. The parents were trying to decide whether to write back once but the columnist thought that wasn’t a good idea. But as I was reading, I am almost certain I would have written back once. They had planned to write from the cat’s perspective/voice that this was the one letter they were able to write and he was okay and now moving onto his next phase in the universe.

    For me, I didn’t see anything wrong with this plan at all. We let our kids believe in Santa and the tooth fairy and Easter bunny, so why not let a little 6-yr-old think the dead cat wrote a note. Of course, someday they will realize the parent actually did this but I think if something like that would’ve happened in my childhood I would’ve thought my parents were being kind (when I found out).

    Oh well, this really has nothing to do with Tucker’s loss. I’ve just been thinking about this cat letter all day. I’m probably all wet. Maybe death, as the advice columnist said, is something our kids needs to learn to deal with. It is a teachable moment. I think allowing Tucker to make a headstone is wonderful. BTW, after my long rant, please let Tucker know that I’m sorry for his loss and will be thinking of him (during this difficult time.) Hugs to all of you. And I hope you don’t get a snake. :-)February 4, 2016 – 11:06 pmReplyCancel

    • Kristi Campbell - You know what, Linda? I’m with you. I don’t really see the harm in writing a letter back from the cat. Really. Hm. And thank you – I’ll let Tucker know, although he seems to have moved on pretty easily and no way we’re getting a snake. Shudder.February 5, 2016 – 5:34 pmReplyCancel

  • JT Walters - Yamato took the words right out of my mouth. Agreed.

    Loss of a pet teaches us to love those in our lives more because our existence is temporal.

    And it is practicing learning grieving and coping.February 4, 2016 – 11:30 pmReplyCancel

  • Lizzi Rogers - FRIST! (bo-YAH!)February 5, 2016 – 3:08 amReplyCancel

  • Lizzi Rogers - It was a sad moment, which he (and you) handled well. I’m glad for the freezer and the plans and the remembering, and for your remembering and the window to the past, and lost loved pets.February 5, 2016 – 3:13 amReplyCancel

  • Clare Keogh - Poor Tucker.
    In our family, we have had two budgies, two rabbits and now a dog. All but the dog had something unfortunate happen to them before their time. The dog, a cocker spaniel, is nearly four and I thank goodness sometimes that he’s still around. He’s such a sweet dog, cheeky and clever. I know his different barks and the feel of his fur and the way he snuffles my face.February 5, 2016 – 3:17 amReplyCancel

  • My Inner Chick - ***One day, Lighting the Hamster was running free on the wheel, and the next, he was too light, and too still.**

    Kristi, no matter what you write about, (even little rats) you always make me “FEEL” deep down in my stomach.

    You touch humanity every. single. time.

    I appreciate, my sweet.

    xx Love and Understanding about all LIVING things from Duluth.February 5, 2016 – 10:15 amReplyCancel

    • Kristi Campbell - Aw you are the sweet sweetest, you. Thank you and sending you love and understanding right back. xxooFebruary 5, 2016 – 5:35 pmReplyCancel

  • Allie - How do you do that – make me feel bad about a hamster? Ironically, I’m reading The World According to Humphrey (who’s a hamster) with Cammy right now. And it made me remember when my brother had hamsters, and we thought they were boys. But then one of them had babies. And then they ate the babies. I will never forget it – scarred me for life! And so we will not be having any hamsters in our house.February 5, 2016 – 12:02 pmReplyCancel

    • Kristi Campbell - Ooh I’ll have to check out The World According to Humphrey! GROSS to your brother’s hamster eating her babies! NASTY. Don’t blame you for saying no way!February 5, 2016 – 5:36 pmReplyCancel

  • Marcia @Menopausalmom - Awwwww…..poor Tucker! I can totally relate—we’ve had so many rodents over the years. Dozens of hamsters, 2 albino rats, a hedgehog, a guinea pig, 8 chinchillas, a flying squirrel…..even though I knew many had short life spans, it still hurt like hell every time one of them died and hurt even worse to see my kids cry. Now I only have three chinchillas left. They live on average up to 12 years, so I still have some time with my babies.February 5, 2016 – 11:14 pmReplyCancel

The truth about learning from life is that it takes a long time to do so. Some things, like wanting to live with passion and purpose, or knowing the importance of giving our kids a magical childhood are born with us. Knowing how to make those things happen while living with stress and too-late-bedtimes isn’t […]

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  • Emily - I think we’re going to learn a lot just by reading each other’s posts here! I’m a big over-thinker sometimes (your #5), but I also think that sometimes comes with the territory of being a writer. We think a lot before we write (although not always – sometimes I just wing it). And, can I just say, I love Tucker’s questions! When did we get Daddy? That is awesome.January 28, 2016 – 10:09 pmReplyCancel

    • Kristi Campbell - I hope so, and I hope we all think about the big stuff as well as the small stuff and OMG I so very love Tucker’s questions as well!!! And gah to the overthinking. So right you are. Also why Daddy?? LOLJanuary 30, 2016 – 12:14 amReplyCancel

  • Kenya G. Johnson - I love, “When did we get daddy.” Because mom has certainly always been there. Awww. Christopher can talk my ear off now, more than I can process and keep up with – much less write down anymore. I cannot fathom a time when he won’t want to talk to me at all, so I embrace the wordiness.January 28, 2016 – 10:12 pmReplyCancel

    • Kristi Campbell - I love that part too, Kenya, and will hang onto it for a long long time, I think! Oh please say these boys of ours will always talk to us!! I can’t imagine trying to navigate their worlds without their honesty. For real!!January 30, 2016 – 12:27 amReplyCancel

  • Janine Huldie - I am most definitely learning here still daily and admit though as a teen I would never have said that and would have denied that vehemently along with the fact that my parents actually knew what they were talking about. So let’s just say I have come along way and still have so much to indeed learn still.January 29, 2016 – 4:35 amReplyCancel

  • Vidya Sury - Children are great reminders to pause, even if they keep us rushing around. They keep us grounded by their simplicity and logic. Sometimes I think their favorite place is outside our comfort zone, which makes us very lucky, or how else would we stretch and truly enjoy life!

    I love what you said about Statistics – I had pretty much the same thing about Accounting. Thought I hated it, until the moment when things clicked and I started loving it, the added bonus being that I actually had a pretty good head for it.

    My favorite line here is: Try to not hurt anybody. Ever.

    Life is wonderful, isn’t it? Hugs – so happy we’re connected! So much love in this post!January 29, 2016 – 6:48 amReplyCancel

    • Kristi Campbell - Children are awesome mostly and I am so lucky to have this boy to ground me as you say while he’s also rushing me around :)
      And LOVE that you had a similar experience with accounting!!!
      Here’s to not hurting others and to you, so kind to co-host with me again this week. Thank you!!!January 30, 2016 – 12:29 amReplyCancel

  • Lizzi Rogers - 2015 was one of my biggest learning years, I think, and you’re right about needing to sit with the things I’ve learned, and think about them. I’ve had possibly my biggest ever year of change for the better, for me, and I want to know that moving forward, I’m doing the best I can, not hurting anyone, and especially not hurting me.

    Kid questions are fun, though. Especially the “why?” ones, which I tend to answer in as complex a way as possible, to send the kid off into thought and preclude (or at least slow down) the next “why?”January 29, 2016 – 7:03 amReplyCancel

  • Yvonne - Lovely post Kristi. I love that you point out we can learn from children and they can learn from us. It is two-way, and it needs to be – otherwise there’s no balance. We need to give and receive!January 29, 2016 – 7:57 amReplyCancel

    • Kristi Campbell - It’s so two-way, and I hope we’ll always remember that (as humans now and as humans always). xo thank you for your insight always.January 30, 2016 – 12:31 amReplyCancel

  • Allie - This is all kinds of wise: “Don’t overthink, but think about your decisions. Many of them, when made for the wrong reasons, are likely a little bit manic. Maybe, you’re trying to re-get a feeling you’ll never feel again. Maybe not. But, think about what you’re deciding, and why you’re deciding it.” Guilty of this, often. Maybe right now. Lots of decisions to make. Thanks. I need to read this.

    Have a good weekend! Tell Tucker that most cats are just mean…January 29, 2016 – 1:05 pmReplyCancel

    • Kristi Campbell - Allie! You’re the bestest and yeah, I do that too. Which I guess is why I need to remind myself and also YAY for you agreeing that most cats are just mean :)January 30, 2016 – 12:32 amReplyCancel

  • Kerry - Love the questions asked by children. Best thing ever. My dog and cat are right here and I’ve asked for you, to hopefully try and get your child an answer, but they aren’t talking.
    I try to listen a lot. I don’t know about statistics, but I do know how to really listen.
    Thank you for the invitation to join you as a co-host for the week with FTSF. I am happy I did.January 29, 2016 – 2:57 pmReplyCancel

    • Kristi Campbell - LOL to your cat and your dog not talking, Kerry!! HA! I guess they will not make it that easy for us. And I’m so very glad you co-hosted this week. Thank you for wanting to and for doing so and for all of your thoughts, always.January 30, 2016 – 12:34 amReplyCancel

  • Michelle Grewe - So many things I needed to hear. Yes I overanalyze and overthink things way too much, but as much as I talk, I do listen more than I speak, and that should terrify people. But I do. I listen to the words, compare them to behavior patterns, watch body language, and psychoanalyze. It’s part of the overthinking :)January 29, 2016 – 3:23 pmReplyCancel

  • Tamara - Statistics class – it’s because you truly learned, rather than just memorized. What a difference. And how cool that you kept at it.
    I love kid questions so much.January 29, 2016 – 3:52 pmReplyCancel

  • Christine Carter - Aw!!! I just love this message, Kristi! ALL of it!! Slow and steady, listen more and learn how to leap without overthing it. I can relate to SO much of all of this.

    So when DID you get Daddy? Hmm… :)January 29, 2016 – 4:58 pmReplyCancel

  • Kelly L McKenzie - Can’t agree with you more on the listening to your kids and have them listen to you front. So often it’s the parents’ way or no way at all, I find. I certainly wasn’t the perfect mom to my two – Ha! Pass the wine please – however I did make a point of trying to listen to them. Lot harder at the end of a long week … but still, I tried.January 29, 2016 – 6:53 pmReplyCancel

    • Kristi Campbell - Passing the wine for sure to you always and yeah, the listening is WAY harder at the end of the week, especially after um 9 NINE snow days ehre!!!January 30, 2016 – 12:37 amReplyCancel

  • JT Walters - Alex loves roller coaster rides, I can endure far more than I’d ever want to and great friends are still your friend in bad times. Also, it is okay to say it hurts sometimes that I can’t help Alex motre.January 29, 2016 – 9:23 pmReplyCancel

  • Dana - When did we get Daddy? That’s hilarious. Talk less, listen more – that should be everyone’s mantra. I know it should be mine. Even when the words are coming out and I’m babbling on and on, I know this. I need to learn how to stop.January 29, 2016 – 9:45 pmReplyCancel

    • Kristi Campbell - When did we get Daddy might be one of my favorite questions EVER ever from him and yeah, listening more is big huge. Me too, me too, me too. xoJanuary 30, 2016 – 12:39 amReplyCancel

  • JT Walters - I am learning love is unconditional and it can be shown instead of said.

    I have learned the boy I dreamed of having stinks compared to the boy I have!

    Listening can be done by watching and giving in isn’t the worst thing in the world.

    I am learning it is okay to do take out now and again especially when we are sick.

    I am learning the being a good role model and parent is more important than any mishugosh I’d have normally gotten into protecting my son. Teaching him conflict resolution is important.

    I am learning Kristi Campbell and several other Mom bloggers of children with special needs are the bombdiggity and my personal heroes. I admire their courage in sharing their journey.January 29, 2016 – 10:15 pmReplyCancel

    • Kristi Campbell - HELLZ yes to take-out, always and you’re an amazing parent and can’t compare yourself to anybody and protecting your son is EVERYTHING and I boo to the fact you’re sick :(
      And all of us parents who are parenting are amazing and YOU JT are amazing.January 30, 2016 – 12:41 amReplyCancel

  • Mardra Sikora - I would like a whole post dedicated to answering – When did we get daddy?
    Love, MsJanuary 29, 2016 – 11:00 pmReplyCancel

  • Clark Scottroger - very nicely done… ime the search for answers often, somehow, manages to insinuate a pre-condtion on the (future) answers, way too often the answer can never before because of this (whatever the hell that means!)

    since I like famous sayings so much (famous and made up by other people, most of the time), I will contrinbute my favorite, usually attributed to the wise old Master, who after being pestered by the acolytes all day will, in all seriousness, “if you have to ask the question, you can’t understand the answer”

    …damn! lol (this answer is only cool if you’re the wise old Master, otherwise it’s a wth!?! answerJanuary 30, 2016 – 12:18 amReplyCancel

  • Roshni AaMom - It’s so true that we learn so much from children! I believe my biggest evolution as a human being happened after I had kids!January 30, 2016 – 12:39 amReplyCancel

  • Lisa Sadikman - I think that point about listening rather than talking is dead on. I talk so much because I’m afraid of the silence and coming off as not knowing – especially as my kids get older and smarter. They DO have enlightening opinions and it’s ok if I don’t always know the answer. Love Tucker’s questions and worlds and you ❤️January 30, 2016 – 12:46 amReplyCancel

    • Kristi Campbell - Love YOU Lisa and isn’t it kind of weird that they know so much from other people? I get continually surprised by how much Tucker knows outside of what he knows from me, if that makes sense…January 30, 2016 – 11:01 pmReplyCancel

  • Emily Nichols Grossi - When did we get Daddy? Isn’t that priceless. I love it! Sitting with things and staying open, too! Yes! xoJanuary 30, 2016 – 1:09 amReplyCancel

  • Lola Marguerita - Yes…those are the questions indeed…only a wise person could answer them.January 30, 2016 – 2:54 amReplyCancel

  • JT Walters - Kristi I ❤️ U but I am a fraud. I am just making it up as I go the best way I can. Balancing homework and amusing my son with attempts at healthy meals. The days I do take out or drive thru I feel so guilty.

    I try and protect my son but often fail and even worse embarrass him.

    I love u but I am a fraud making it up as I go! Intentions are A+ but results may not be in the end.

    Thanks for being so kind to all of us out here just making it up as we go hoping
    And praying our children will be as happy and healthy as possible. ❤️U and all the Mom bloggers!!January 30, 2016 – 12:20 pmReplyCancel

    • Kristi Campbell - Honey! Take-out and drive-thru and crappy Chili’s in wherever Florida are FINE. It’s food, and it’s an experience and we (and our kids) learn from each of them!!! All of us make it up as we go. For real.January 31, 2016 – 9:52 pmReplyCancel

  • Nicki - You are so wise, darling Kristi. These all feel so true for me, but this one really grabbed my heart and mind: “If there are big lessons brewing, they’ll need time to sit.”January 31, 2016 – 7:00 pmReplyCancel

  • Lisa @ The Golden Spoons - Love your lessons – especially the listen more than we talk one. We tell our kids that all the time. My hubby likes to say “God gave you two ears and one mouth for a reason.” Funny – but true! :-)February 1, 2016 – 2:00 pmReplyCancel

  • Sandra - I leave you with these two thoughts: 1. Why do girls pee from their bottoms? and 2. You’re son made two worlds in Minecraft? You’ve lost him, that’s it, he’ll never look at you than more than someone who imposes a bedtime and get between him and the worlds….I also mourn the loss of my youngest to League of Legends.February 2, 2016 – 5:47 amReplyCancel

    • Kristi Campbell - Oh no! I’ve lost him already? He’s only six! Yikes!!! And lol to girls peeing from their bottoms. I think it may be time to buy an anatomy book.February 2, 2016 – 6:33 pmReplyCancel

  • Rabia @TheLiebers - I’m learning that the best lessons and the hardest and the things most worth knowing are the hardest to learn. I’m also parenting a very emotional tween. I think there may be a connection, but my brain is too fried to find it! LOLFebruary 2, 2016 – 10:53 amReplyCancel

    • Kristi Campbell - LOL Rabia! Maybe you’re getting the lesson now that parenting an emotional tween requires wine?? That’d be my personal take-away.February 2, 2016 – 6:36 pmReplyCancel

I asked my six-year-old son what he’d be if he were a crayon. “What do you mean?” he said. “Like the color?” “Sure,” I said. “Gold,” he said, “Because gold is awesome. It’s treasure.” “What else?” “Nothing. Pencils are better because they have erasers,” he said. “True,” I said. “But gold is a pretty awesome […]

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  • Emily - I just knew you’d make this prompt come alive. :) I love your P.S.’s too. As for that snowstorm, we are actually driving north tomorrow, away from the storm I think, because Big Dude’s boarding school is having a parent event that they refuse to cancel, so off we go! Not sure when we’ll make it back, but oh well! I’m bringing wine with me just in case. :))))January 21, 2016 – 10:12 pmReplyCancel

    • Kristi Campbell - Thanks for loving the PS’s Emily! I was kinda lost with this prompt (obviously) so I appreciate that you enjoyed it. And yay for you for traveling away from the storm tomorrow for BD’s school (does he love it? Need an update please.)
      School was cancelled today and didn’t need to be, and is cancelled tomorrow and maybe needs to be.. I guess this is gonna be a big one — I was scheduled to get a haircut on Saturday and they already called me to reschedule, and it’s kinda sorta nice outside. Yikes. Glad you’re bringing wine!!!January 21, 2016 – 10:43 pmReplyCancel

  • Kelly L McKenzie - Ok so I’m the Canuck on the west coast and now I have to go and google why Tennessee is orange. Ha! And man alive, that storm is all we are hearing about way out here! Stay safe. Enjoy your wine and your orange and gold crayons. Happy coloUring …January 21, 2016 – 10:26 pmReplyCancel

    • Kristi Campbell - LOL Kelly – here’s the thing about the US. So “most” of us (the people like me who grew up in rational states like Colorado) enjoy our pro football teams, like the Denver Broncos.
      Those people (like my husband, bless him) who grew up in the South don’t care much about pro football but about College Football and his team is the Tennessee Volunteers. Because Tucker’s fav color is orange, and the Vols color is orange with a big old Tennessee T, it’s well, that’s part of it. Enough of it anyway, I think.January 21, 2016 – 10:45 pmReplyCancel

    • Lizzi - Hehehe I love it when the ‘u’ words get spelled right 😉January 22, 2016 – 2:18 amReplyCancel

      • Kristi Campbell - Um the “u” is extra and not needed. Just saying.January 22, 2016 – 11:48 pmReplyCancel

        • Lizzi - It’s *always* needed – it’s HOW IT’S SPELLED! 😉January 23, 2016 – 3:33 amReplyCancel

  • Lisa @ The Meaning of Me - Oh your post is beautiful! I love it! And dammit why don’t I think to ask my Husband shit like that more often? 😀 I know I’d get awesome responses. Except today…because Man Flu. Ugh! Man flu and a snowstorn – heaven help me!
    Looking at 6-12 here from late Friday until Sunday morning. We don’t even get a snow day out of the deal. Just me and the dude with Man Flu and the Kidzilla who believes she’s hatching a cold, too. And me with a cold.
    Screw the wine; I’m having Scotch. 😀January 21, 2016 – 11:12 pmReplyCancel

    • Kristi Campbell - LOL it’s not really worth asking husband shit like that, in my humble opinion!!! You might get better responses than I would. I used to get better but OMG UGH TO MAN FLU!!! The worst!!!
      They’re talking 24″ here which, being from Colorado, I’m like “whatever, kinda big” but for here??? They’ve already shut school down tomorrow. OMG> for real. I’m supposed to get a haircut on Saturday (weep). Hope you all feel better so so soon!!!January 22, 2016 – 12:07 amReplyCancel

  • My Inner Chick - ****I’d erase all of the supposed tos, and replace them with creativity, acceptance and empathy.***

    this is exactly why I dig you! xxxxx kiss from MNJanuary 21, 2016 – 11:36 pmReplyCancel

  • ivy - You know those mixed up crayons that are a fusion of a whole mess of crayons? Yup i would definitely be plaid.January 22, 2016 – 2:09 amReplyCancel

  • Dana - I have one more errand run before we hunker down – we need beer! And junk food.

    “Without crayons, we’d never dream of being invisible.” Love that. It makes me sad to know that so many people feel that way. Color in the blank spaces – yes.

    And your conversation with Robert made me laugh – he’s a blogger’s husband for sure. Just answer my wife so she’ll leave me alone and not ask me anymore dumb questions…ha!January 22, 2016 – 12:52 pmReplyCancel

    • Kristi Campbell - Beer and junk food YAY! We have so much food here it’s crazy. I went to the store yesterday and Robert went today without knowing what I’d gotten. I think we have three dozen eggs and four loaves of bread. And enough sandwich stuff to feed the neighborhood.January 22, 2016 – 2:41 pmReplyCancel

  • Kerry - I love love love this. Crayons. Now you’re speaking my language. I have wanted to take part in this for a while, but this week is when I was meant to begin. Working on my colourful post now.January 22, 2016 – 1:12 pmReplyCancel

    • Kristi Campbell - Oh I hope you do link up Kerry! It’s a fun blog hop! I can’t wait to read your colorful post :)January 22, 2016 – 5:58 pmReplyCancel

  • Lisa @ Golden Spoons - Well, I love the world you would draw. My kids are home today, too. Right now, we have a little snow but mostly sleet. Yuck! Hope you can sat safe, warm, and sane through the big storm! Love the About page, too – I need to update mine desperately!January 22, 2016 – 1:32 pmReplyCancel

    • Kristi Campbell - Thanks Lisa! It’s starting to pile up here a little bit – is it still just sleeting for you? I hope you guys stay safe and warm as well and that NONE OF US loses power (knocks on wood).January 22, 2016 – 6:08 pmReplyCancel

  • Allie - You are a clever you, yes you are! I am no, therefore, I did not write a post. Actually, I haven’t written anything in a while. Ugh…I have to shake it off.

    As always – little Tucker is Brilliant. And I don’t like your husband’s answer either. I have the Volunteers…………… And the Gators, who are also Orange (and My husband is a Gator:()January 22, 2016 – 2:12 pmReplyCancel

    • Kristi Campbell - Yeah, my husband’s answer was boring. Sometimes, I try to rile him up with stupid questions – maybe I’ve just done that too often. Hey write about being a crayon! You’ll get there. Truly. xoJanuary 22, 2016 – 6:11 pmReplyCancel

  • Marcia @Menopausalmom - This is beautiful, I love this line—“Without erasers, we’d never dream of being invisible.” Brilliant!January 22, 2016 – 11:16 pmReplyCancel

  • Kenya G. Johnson - Well I happen to know via my close to you friend that there’s no school or work today either. We got about two snowflakes and Christopher had one day of school last week. Three for MLK and teacher work days, then one off for the weather that didn’t happen.

    Christopher also loves orange and adopted this favorite color based on the Bengals colors.January 25, 2016 – 8:58 amReplyCancel

    • Kristi Campbell - UGH! No school tomorrow either. Gah. Tucker only had one day of school last week too – two for MLK/Teacher Work and then two for snow that didn’t happen until Saturday afternoon. GO orange! (as in the Broncos ;))January 26, 2016 – 7:08 pmReplyCancel

“I hate her!” I said. “I understand that you feel like you hate her. You’re hurt,” my dad said. “I’m not hurt – I’m pissed off!” I said. “You’re also hurt,” my dad said. “And, while it feels like hating her is hurting her back, it’s only hurting you. She’s going about her life, either […]

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  • Lisa @ The Meaning of Me - I don’t know what number I am but I’m here! This made me laugh out loud and shake my head saying “yup, I know” and feel sad and angry a bit, too. And I think forgiveness is like that, you know? There’s a little bit of so many things mixed up in there. Forgiveness is definitely a choice and it’s a damn hard one. And sometimes tricky – like how do you forgive someone who has wronged you who absolutely doesn’t believe they did? I guess that’s where the idea of forgiveness being for us, not them, comes in.
    I am late to the party this month (shocker) so I need to go get finished.January 20, 2016 – 1:49 amReplyCancel

    • Kristi Campbell - I think forgiveness is like that too, Lisa. I like believing that it’s more for us. Because really, even the people I’ve forgiven… it’s not like I want them in my life, or to hang out with them, you know? And go go get finished. I can’t wait to read yours!January 20, 2016 – 8:38 pmReplyCancel

  • JT Walters - Right we forgive others so we do not carry their metaphysical garbage around. That is the purpose of cruelty is to transfer metaphysical garbage from one person to another.

    A little surprised about the bully on the bus. I am not quite there yet and I barely know Tucker.

    But it would be so nice to just be able to wash away all the pain with forgiveness. Sweets, I wish the world was that simple. For us we have to educate which means we go back out and try again the next day a little wiser from the experience and understanding unconditional love is by no means for all of us…although I wish it were.

    Who are these people with Twitter accounts…dude you know I can get them…then forgiveness is easy!

    If only forgiveness came at the dawn of each day washing away pain like a tide rolling out to sea and hope, love and acceptance were birthed at dusk for everyone….what a beautiful world it would be indeed.January 20, 2016 – 2:11 amReplyCancel

    • Kristi Campbell - Here’s to not carrying metaphysical garbage around – especially that generated by others. For the bus incident – I have to remember this is a kid. And he LEARNED that – did people give him attention when he made fun of Tucker? Did something happen at home? What’s his home life like? I know I *KNOW* that it sucks (believe me forgiving is not forgetting) but well, I don’t want to teach my own son to bully and so well, yeah, something like that. Here’s to pain rolling out to sea and hope rolling in.January 20, 2016 – 8:41 pmReplyCancel

      • JT Walters - Today I found out because the law enforcement officer failed to document the battery of my son with two rare disorders correctly the perpetrator is not even going to be charged. A 6’1″ 240lb 23 year man battered my 5’4″ 100lb son and us not even going to be arrested. I cried. The officer failed to document correctly and there is nothing the State of Florida can do to protect disabled children.

        Today I want to hate. It hurts. I carry this beautiful boy in my body and my heart to have some bully beat him because he is not typical. It is really hard today.



        I will carry the metaphysical baggage for my son today and everyday afterwards until our children are loved and accepted for who they are.January 20, 2016 – 10:06 pmReplyCancel

        • Kristi Campbell - :( :( :( I don’t even know what to say.January 20, 2016 – 11:10 pmReplyCancel

          • JT Walters - Thanks for not judging me, understanding and providing a forum. Maybe other parents will be more careful about watching the documentation so their children are legally protected.January 20, 2016 – 11:54 pm

  • Deborah Lovel Bryner - Doncha just HATE that whole “forgiveness” thing? I recently forgave someone whose sin against me was skin peelingly awful and against whom, like many people, I’d carried around those feelings of scalding anger and resentment and hurt. What I’ve learned is that sort of retention of anger is akin to drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. So I wrote a letter, carefully explaining what this person had done to me and what effect that had on my life for many years…and then I forgave them. I’m FREE. The other person? Not free. But I’ve done my part…the rest is up to them. It feels WONNNNNDERFUL.January 20, 2016 – 6:20 amReplyCancel

  • Lizzi Rogers - SECUND!

    You’re so right to say that forgiveness is a choice. It’s a conscious decision we make, sometimes day by day or hour by hour, not to let the anger about those hurts keep on wounding us. It’s frustrating and slow and difficult, because it’s our nature to want vengeance and to hurt the other person instead. If we waited til we *felt* like forgiving, we’d never get it done.

    This is all so, so relatable, and a great post. You made me smile, you made me sigh, you made me proud to call you my friend :)January 20, 2016 – 6:26 amReplyCancel

  • Stacey Gannett - Great post, Kristi! And have to say, “Hear, Hear!” It can be such a hard thing to do, especially when it involves someone close to us! I can almost let things go, when it comes to me…but one of my family, it is so much harder. Trolls…I just don’t get them…not sure what the fun is for them…maybe they should find a good book that interests them or some other hobby, seriously. I don’t often have time to breathe for myself…let alone wasting what little time I have trolling! Hope you have a great week!January 20, 2016 – 6:52 amReplyCancel

    • Kristi Campbell - Thank you Stacey! It can be SO so hard to do and yeah, I get that it’s much harder when somebody wrongs somebody close to you – more than it is for forgiving them for hurting us… And trolls SUCK. I don’t get it either and they so so need books. Thanks much, friend and you too!January 20, 2016 – 8:44 pmReplyCancel

  • Diana Pratt - Love love love this!!!January 20, 2016 – 7:02 amReplyCancel

  • Christine Organ - Amen!January 20, 2016 – 8:54 amReplyCancel

  • Janine Huldie - Not going to lie, this forgiveness thing is a hard nut to crack. Trust me I know in my heart of hearts it is the right thing to do, but with some it is harder than with others. Don’t get me wrong, I do try my best, but not going to lie there are still a few out there that I still can’t wrap my brain around forgiving, but yet I guess I am just a work in progress. Thanks for the reminder here today that I need to try harder and better still though.January 20, 2016 – 11:54 amReplyCancel

  • Emily - Oh this was good and something I need to learn…I’m a dig my heels in kind of person and I’m trying to hard as I get older to not be that way. For the past two years, I’ve been trying to forgive two friends who were just not there for me when I needed them during Little Dude’s treatment. And, I think they probably don’t even realize they weren’t there for me. Which in some ways makes it even harder to forgive, because they SHOULD realize it. Yes, I’m still “in touch” with them, but I barely talk to them and have yet to see them since a few years ago (they only live 30 min away). I keep thinking they have to realize something isn’t right with our friendship and yet they don’t…and so my resentment grows…January 20, 2016 – 12:43 pmReplyCancel

    • Kristi Campbell - I can be that way too, Emily, and probably AM by nature. I think I’d have a hard time forgiving friends if they weren’t there for something like what you and your family went through with LD… that’s a hard one and they SHOULD realize it. Ugh. You’d think they’d ask if they’d offended you. That would make it so much easier and kinder and gentler. Your resentment growing though, I think that’s what I was more thinking of about the “it’s about us” part (or what my dad was, anyway). Ugh. It’s HARD. Would you consider saying something to them about it?? Or are you over that?January 20, 2016 – 8:47 pmReplyCancel

      • Emily - You ask a good question…I’ve thought about saying something to them about it, but it was over TWO years ago, so now it feels weird. I guess I keep hoping they bring it up, but I’m thinking that’s not gonna happen. I think in my head I have forgiven them, but the heart is a whole different matter…January 21, 2016 – 10:17 pmReplyCancel

        • Kristi Campbell - UGH. Maybe if you get drunk? Or, maybe, move on. I dunno. It’s so dang hard when people disappoint us like that. <3January 25, 2016 – 7:09 pmReplyCancel

          • Emily - Ha – get drunk and tell them – love it…you crack me up and that suggestion just may be the answer! :)January 25, 2016 – 7:24 pm

          • Kristi Campbell - I think it may be, plus what an awesome blog post it’ll make :)January 26, 2016 – 10:15 pm

  • Allie - Day-um this was awesome! Forgiveness really is a gift – for the person you grant it to – and yourself. I truly believe that. Do you remember back when the “Secret” was the big thing? I was pregnant with Cammy at the time, sick in bed and watched it all on Oprah. To me the biggest takeaway was the forgiveness component. I truly thought about my grudges and then set them free and it was life changing. Just wait – you’ll see:). And for the record, I hope I never see Kristi – Bear:)!January 20, 2016 – 2:10 pmReplyCancel

    • Kristi Campbell - Allie! I love your “Day-um!!!” :) And yeah I think it’s more of a gift for us in the long run, especially when we do it silently, inside, and no longer talk to them. I do remember when the Secret was big although I never read it (oops). Wow, to it being life-changing. Thank you!!! xoJanuary 20, 2016 – 8:53 pmReplyCancel

  • Yvonne - Really interesting post Kristi. It starts with anger and moves on through to forgiveness, and what I’ve found is that denying or blocking off that anger actually makes true forgiveness impossible. We need to honour our own feelings before we can even come close to honouring another’s or to finding the empathy required for forgiveness. I think your post is a good illustration of that.January 20, 2016 – 2:47 pmReplyCancel

    • Kristi Campbell - Thanks, Yvonne. It has to start with anger, I guess, in order for it to be important enough to forgive. And blocking it does nothing in the long run although blocking it can also be an effective tool for the Moving On, I suppose.January 20, 2016 – 10:53 pmReplyCancel

  • Lola Marguerita - I have a lot of trouble with forgiveness too.January 20, 2016 – 10:17 pmReplyCancel

  • Tamara - To the co-worker who worked hard to get my husband fired at his crappy job, just so you could run the company with your smug, haggard face? I forgive you. I know I wanted to run into you in the mall and cut you down into the toddler I know you are, but I had to be bigger than that.
    So. Sigh. I forgive you. But I still just slammed the door.January 21, 2016 – 8:28 pmReplyCancel

    • Kristi Campbell - UGH and I so get wanting to cut somebody down into the toddler they are! Doors help. At least, the slamming of them does.January 25, 2016 – 7:10 pmReplyCancel

  • Kenya G. Johnson - Love it. Those are some ginormous forgives. Forgiveness is hardest where the kids are concerned. I saw a funny meme not long ago. It’s was along the lines of, “I can’t come out and play with you because I told my mom what you did and she’s still mad”. LOL!January 25, 2016 – 8:49 amReplyCancel

    • Kristi Campbell - LOL to the meme! That’s so perfect and so TRUE!! Kids are amazing at what they’ll forget about — but BUT BUT there’s the stories we remember from being kids that stay with us that makes it enough to have a hard time when somebody is mean.January 25, 2016 – 7:12 pmReplyCancel

  • carol schepper - It is so important to always keep in mind that forgiveness is about ‘me’ not ‘you’ – it is very very very hard to get past that anger, but otherwise it really is like drinking poison & waiting for the other person to die. We can only move forward & get on with our lives by forgiving and moving on.January 25, 2016 – 3:53 pmReplyCancel

    • Kristi Campbell - I agree Carol – I also think it’s hard to keep forgiveness about “me” not “you” and I love the analogy of drinking poison waiting for the other person to die. That’s a good one!January 25, 2016 – 7:21 pmReplyCancel

  • Sandra - For those who have hurt me: Fuck you. Stupid dicks…works for me…No, I get the point of this post. There is a person in my life that I really need to forgive and move on out of here, but I can’t. I just can’t. I’ll live with “Fuck you. Stupid dicks”…plus I love that, it just rolls off the tongue.January 31, 2016 – 7:31 amReplyCancel

    • Kristi Campbell - LOL yeah, it works for me too except that it’s messing ME up more than them ya know? And yeah, I get the I can’t, too… xoFebruary 1, 2016 – 2:05 amReplyCancel

  • Out One Ear - Linda Atwell - Awwww. I love this whole piece. Every. Single. Word. I have a tendency to bring out my toddler every so often. I don’t really like this stomp-y, yell-y, critical person I turn into when I have been wronged, or feel I’ve been wronged. But you are so right, we must forgive. I try. I try harder. I try again. Sometimes I succeed, and sometimes, I have to start over at, I try. I try harder.

    The bully on the bus would be hard for me too, but maybe he will find some goodness way down deep and never, ever bully another classmate/peer ever again. I’m hoping that your forgiveness provides that.

    Hugs to you. Love this.February 4, 2016 – 11:14 pmReplyCancel

Do you ever wonder what life will be like in 100 years? Each week, my six-year-old boy is supposed to bring his completed homework assignment to school on Friday. The packet rides home in his backpack Monday or Tuesday, giving us plenty of time to review 14 spelling words, line up paper squares into columns of […]

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  • Lisa @ Golden Spoons - Amazing, isn’t it to think how far we’ve come in 100 years. Can you imagine what our great grandparents would think of iPhones??? And, if we’ve come this far in the past 100, what will life look like 100 more years from now? Lately, I’ve been thinking about a lot tomorrow – hoping that the tomorrows will be better than the todays, because the todays are hard right now. Maybe I should look at it your way and just hope that next week will be better than this one.January 14, 2016 – 10:13 pmReplyCancel

    • Kristi Campbell - It really is amazing how far we’ve come. It’s kinda scary, too, I think, trying to imagine the technology that our kids and their kids will learn. And yeah, the tomorrows better and also to hoping next week is better than this (although I don’t know about your girls, but Tucker’s off school on Monday and Tuesday). Gah.January 14, 2016 – 10:34 pmReplyCancel

  • Dana - I missed your alien friends! I miss the lost teeth, the shark books, the homework packets. Okay, maybe not the homework packets.

    I’ve been thinking a lot about the future lately, and I really should try to focus on today and tomorrow. I can’t even fathom 100 years from now.January 14, 2016 – 10:53 pmReplyCancel

    • Kristi Campbell - Bleh to homework packets. Seriously. One week, I’ll get this right and we won’t be rushing around on the night before it’s due. I can’t really fathom 100 years from now either. Even tomorrow is a little muddy. Thanks, Dana!January 15, 2016 – 5:06 pmReplyCancel

  • JT Walters - Congrats Tucker and you have nothing to feel bad about one time Alex lost a tooth and his tooth fairy Alexanderia Meeka Shelly had to leave him a promisary note because Mom had no money on her that particular day. She always wrote him notes with each tooth he lost but the last one was a promisary note.

    The future I imagine we will turn in our current troubles for new ones. A hundred years ago my grandmother did go to private school in New York but no public school but no energy crisis either.

    The future is incomprehensible for us all.

    The only thing I can guarantee you is love will persist and let’s hope cell battery life is infinite!😊

    Congrats Tucker😘😘😘😘 and I know Mom is really the procrastinator😉,January 14, 2016 – 11:04 pmReplyCancel

    • Kristi Campbell - Here’s to love persisting, JT and to promissory notes from tooth fairies 😉
      Also cell battery life being infinite would be so so nice.

      — –
      yes, mom is the procrastinator. 😐January 15, 2016 – 5:10 pmReplyCancel

  • Kelly L McKenzie - My son adored shark books! He brought them home from school all the time when he was younger. Imagine my delight when our golden retriever chewed the book and my son had to take the soggy bits back to the librarian in a baggie. I wrote a note saying we’d pay for a replacement. She wouldn’t hear of it and to this day gleefully shows the bag to students as a cautionary tale. The name of the book? “Shark bite.”
    I do hope that you avoided making the same mistake I did. I bought a Tooth Fairy pillow that was equipped with bells. “Jingly jingly jingly jingly jingly …” So conducive to subtle coin delivery and tooth removal …January 15, 2016 – 2:08 amReplyCancel

    • Kristi Campbell - Oh Kelly to the Shark Books! A new one came home from the school library today! I love that he loves them so much but seriously – he knows tons and tons of facts about sharks. Way more than I ever wanted to know. HAHA to the dog biting Shark Bite and to the jingly jingly tooth fairy pillow!January 15, 2016 – 5:43 pmReplyCancel

  • Christine Carter - What an entertaining read! I laughed, I cried, I sighed…

    And look at TUCKER’S TEETH!! He needs to believe his mama over his friends. Pff. That is just wrong.

    That neighbor still cracks me UP. Oh you are just so talented. Motherhood, homework, Aliens, deep love, dreaming, emotion, pictures that so ACCURATELY depict the scenes… What more could a reader ask for? :)

    But in the end, my takeaway—–> “For today, dreaming and hoping will have to be enough.”January 15, 2016 – 6:01 amReplyCancel

  • Lizzi Rogers - I think some things will still be the same…kids’ teeth will still fall out, and their parents will worry about their learning and whether they’ll be okay. I think humanity will become more compassionate and kind. I HOPE so, anyway. But the bigger, more important things – the love – will be the same :)January 15, 2016 – 7:23 amReplyCancel

  • Kenya G. Johnson - Wow I thought to my future 100 hoping that I wouldn’t be a burden to my young 70 something son. Wouldn’t it be cool to be old people together with your kids? I’ve always hoped that for Me & Mom, we are only 18 years apart so it’s very possible but I never thought of being old people with Christopher. You sparked a daydream.

    I can’t remember how far behind the two top teeth are from coming out but I think kids are so cute without them.January 15, 2016 – 9:20 amReplyCancel

    • Kristi Campbell - Kenya, it would be SO fun to be old people with our kids but even if I’m 100, Tucker will only be like 60… you and your mom being old people together sounds fun! And I agree – little kids with missing teeth are so adorable. So adorable!!January 15, 2016 – 5:44 pmReplyCancel

  • Allie - Oh momma, our Tooth Fairy sleeps in all the time, and sometimes she gets lost and then shows up days later…. Would you believe Cammy (8!) still hasn’t lost his first tooth? Crazy. I don’t think too much about the way, way future, It’s incomprehensible to me. I don’t know why. And I try not to think about 2059, cause it scares me. Especially this: “other simple things such as whether my little boy will be okay without me.” SO don’t’ want to live till 160 – I imagine I’d be really tired. But at the same time, I really kind of have to…January 15, 2016 – 9:54 amReplyCancel

    • Kristi Campbell - Allie,
      You know, my brother’s son hasn’t lost his first one either and he’s almost eight. I think it’s different for every kid. LOL to being really really tired at 160. Or else, you’d be super spry because no carpool!January 15, 2016 – 5:45 pmReplyCancel

  • Janine Huldie - Loved this and admit no tooth fairy here yet for either of my girls and seems that my husband didn’t lose his first until second grade while my first tooth came out in kindergarten. So, right now Emma is pretty ticked that she might be following in her dad’s footsteps and begging the tooth fairy to come. All I keep saying is that it will happen when she is ready, but of course she is a child and having none of that. Still though your take on 100 years from nowdefinitely left me wondering though and hoping Doritos stick around at the very least 😉January 15, 2016 – 12:06 pmReplyCancel

  • Marcia @Menopausalmom - Funny how children at this age believe everything their peers say. I love Tucker’s drawing! He will be thrilled when he finds that the Tooth Fairy stopped by. And thank you for your glimpse into the future—-I cannot even begin to imagine giving birth at 60, ha-ha!!January 15, 2016 – 9:59 pmReplyCancel

    • Kristi Campbell - LOL to giving birth at 60! Yikes! And yeah, he was happy about the tooth fairy and I love his drawings, too!January 15, 2016 – 11:48 pmReplyCancel

  • Roshni AaMom - This kind of reminds me of the Back to the Future movie and how they visualized 2015 and what a bummer it must be for them now!
    Congrats on Tucker’s second tooth!!! Hope he got what he wanted (even though it couldn’t be a $100 bill) LOL!!January 18, 2016 – 9:54 pmReplyCancel

  • Mel Silver-Paterson - wounderful story. I have a hard time thinking what weill happen in 5 years let alone 100! But it is exiting to think about what the future will hold. I hope it involves going into outerspace!!January 19, 2016 – 6:22 pmReplyCancel

  • Emily - There are so many cute and hilarious things in this post! As for the tooth fairy, I was one of those parents that forgot once and I know I made something up (my brother once told his kid that she was busy watching Monday Night Football), but I must say that the sleeping late on Friday excuse is genius! That picture of Tucker with the missing tooth and saying he’ll be 30 soon cracked me up. Reminded me of that scene from “Father of the Bride” where Steve Martin’s daughter tells him she’s getting married and all he can picture is her as a toddler saying she’s getting married in a toddler voice. And, I know it’s frustrating that your alien friends can’t predict the future, but I can guarantee you this: you will not be helping with homework a few years from now. In fact, I can tell you with 100% certainty that not only won’t you be helping, you will have no idea what his homework even is because you will know he is responsible to handle it himself (and even if you did know what his HW was, you are correct in that you wouldn’t be able to help anyway bc who remembers 6th grade math? Not me!!) Ok, I’m done – sorry to hog up your comment space, but this was a fun post to read. :)January 19, 2016 – 8:58 pmReplyCancel

    • Kristi Campbell - Emily!!! Please hog my comment space always and forever because you know I adore you and am so grateful for your friendship and perspectives. Awwww to the Father of the Bride and his daughter telling him she was getting married. I’d forgotten that scene and that movie (a little, never completely because awesome). Ugh to the homework. Truly. And yay to not having to help in a few years (because yay right???). Grin.
      I thought the sleeping late was pretty genius too but was annoyed that he believed his friend over me!January 20, 2016 – 1:05 amReplyCancel

  • Tamara - A cure for heartbreak. Yes. Although I saw Eternal Sunshine and it wasn’t the right answer there.
    Every Thursday night we scramble to fill in the blanks of the week’s worth of homework too!
    Every single time.January 20, 2016 – 5:02 pmReplyCancel

  • Sandra - well at least the tooth fairy showed up at all at the other boy’s house, if late. At my house she just stopped coming, and I told the kids it was because she went bankrupt with all the kids in our house. Mother of the year.
    Loved your Metallica t-shirt by the way!January 31, 2016 – 2:06 amReplyCancel

“But how is Santa going to know how to find me at Papa D’s and Meemo’s house?” he asked. When looking at Reflections on Santa, Traveling, and Christmas, I think “Crap crap crap, why did I book us on a flight to Colorado on Christmas Eve?” I thought about family, and snow, but I didn’t […]

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  • Lisa @ The Meaning of Me - FRIST!January 10, 2016 – 11:47 pmReplyCancel

  • Kristi - And did he? Put a spider on your pillow? :-)
    Sounds and looks like you had a great Christmas! So glad that Santa found you!January 10, 2016 – 11:47 pmReplyCancel

  • JT Walters - We were at Universal Studios for Christmas so if Santa knows who is naughty and nice he definetly knows where all children on Christmas morning.

    You could have had Tucker send Santa a forwarding address or told him his grandparents talked to Santa.

    I thought your video was awesome!January 10, 2016 – 11:49 pmReplyCancel

    • Kristi Campbell - So glad you liked the video! It was a little long but since I used a template, that was my only choice :) So glad you got to go to Universal! Fun!!!January 11, 2016 – 3:42 pmReplyCancel

  • Lisa @ The Meaning of Me - I love this, Kristi. That how will Santa find me thing is a big deal for a kid. Love the video and the gardens look beautiful. We didn’t actually make it to the lights anywhere except driving around town this year – either we had something going on or it was raining. Next year.
    Our crazy Christmas Eve thing was that we took off for a really short hike at our mountain. It was really warm that day and just a shame not to so off we went.
    I remember so many of these posts…keep writing all the beautiful things you do!xoJanuary 10, 2016 – 11:51 pmReplyCancel

    • Kristi Campbell - Lisa, a hike on Christmas day sounds perfect! We didn’t actually get to the lights until New Years Eve but it was a fun thing to do once we got back from Colorado! And aw thank you!January 11, 2016 – 3:57 pmReplyCancel

  • Lizzi Rogers - I’m so glad you all had a lovely Christmas, and that Tucker is asking such good questions. The poop mask is gross, and I hope you don’t get a spider on your pillow. YAY for lights and family and top posts, and empathy and wonder and changing the world.

    Yay for you :) :)January 11, 2016 – 7:01 amReplyCancel

  • Janine Huldie - Aw, Kristi looked like the perfect Christmas to me and seriously am still smiling after seeing Tucker’s huge grin in that photo above!! :)January 11, 2016 – 7:43 amReplyCancel

  • Allie - Your Christmas looks picturesque! I’ve been thinking of doing a reflections post, but honestly, I am so happy it’s over – I don’t feel like reliving it. I’m still recovering! And I love the video, and want to try snow tubing.January 11, 2016 – 9:00 amReplyCancel

    • Kristi Campbell - It was actually pretty great. Christmas morning was a little bumpy and I think we’ll stay here next year for that part, but the snow tubing and family time and friend time was awesome! Try snow tubing. Bring the kids up this way. I hear there’s a place that makes snow. Or, better, let’s meet in Colorado!January 11, 2016 – 7:42 pmReplyCancel

  • Sandra - A poop mask???? Today’s generation has all the fun! I could have had so much fun if that thing existed when my kids were little. I would have been wearing that bad boy in the school yard while picking up the kids. What a great threat! “You better be good or mommy will wear the poop mask at your next swimming lesson!”
    PS: Great little montage on the sledding hill. I’m working up the nerve to start a YouTube channel to vlog but I don’t even know how to work the record button on my phone.January 11, 2016 – 10:46 amReplyCancel

    • Kristi Campbell - I know right? They are SO LUCKY and they don’t even realize it! LOL to picking the kids up from school wearing that bad boy :)
      Oh you MUST start a YouTube channel. Seriously. I can help you!January 11, 2016 – 7:43 pmReplyCancel

  • Kerry - I love how smart children are. He wasn’t so sure about the whole not being home for Christmas thing.
    Glad Santa still found him.
    I love all your favourite posts listed here. I did a similar post.January 11, 2016 – 11:54 amReplyCancel

    • Kristi Campbell - They really are smart, huh? And yeah, I think next year that we’ll stay home for Christmas.January 11, 2016 – 7:44 pmReplyCancel

  • Clark Scottroger - Very excellent video!* It made being out in snow and frozen water look like fun, almost lolJanuary 11, 2016 – 12:24 pmReplyCancel

  • Clark Scottroger - *how excellent? glad you asked… excellent enough that I watched it right through to the end (where a familar voice could be heard… yelling, as in the distance)January 11, 2016 – 12:25 pmReplyCancel

  • Dana - I guess that mask gives new meaning to the word poophead! Too funny. I watched your tubing video when you posted on FB – very cool. Although it did make me a bit queasy. 😉January 11, 2016 – 9:39 pmReplyCancel

    • Kristi Campbell - Yeah to the poophead. I think the official name of the mask is Doo Doo Head. Sigh. Sorry for the queasy – I think that has more to do with my edit skills than the experience!January 11, 2016 – 10:46 pmReplyCancel

  • christine - Oh. My. Word. A poop mask?!?!?! Never in a million years…

    Looks like you all had a most marvelous Christmas! That Santa is one smart guy. We have never spent Christmas Eve at home, so he comes to our house a day early.

    That boy of yours is one adorable kid.January 11, 2016 – 9:51 pmReplyCancel

    • Kristi Campbell - Wait, what? You’ve never spent Christmas at home? You must go to family or something and also I SHOULD KNOW THIS (sorry). Also Santa is WAY smart. And poop masks are weird. 😉January 11, 2016 – 10:47 pmReplyCancel

  • Lola Marguerita - So much fun!January 12, 2016 – 1:53 amReplyCancel

  • Valerie Newman - Love the GoPro. I love the connections that five an six year olds put together in their minds. Like the M and K with the Mario thing. And all those questions. It’s funny how Jesus and Santa are just as special, just as mysterious and just as wonderful as each other. Sounds like a great Christmas. Lights are beautiful.January 12, 2016 – 11:58 amReplyCancel

  • tanya - wow what a silly mask! I would have a hard time getting that! lol Your Christmas looks like it was an amazing time :)January 12, 2016 – 4:02 pmReplyCancel

    • Kristi Campbell - Trust me, I had a hard time that um Santa got it for him but we did need something small (and inexpensive) in Colorado for Christmas morning! :) Thank you!January 13, 2016 – 11:30 amReplyCancel

  • Tamara - But.. did he put a spider on your pillow?
    The Santa Wii confusion makes me laugh! It happens!
    And that snow tubing looks like SUCH fun. I want in.January 12, 2016 – 8:28 pmReplyCancel

    • Kristi Campbell - Thank goodness, no, he did not put a spider on my pillow but doesn’t that expression on his face look naughty? 😉
      And the tubing was a blast – I highly recommend going! Truly!January 13, 2016 – 11:33 amReplyCancel

  • Christine Carter - First of all, YOUR HEADER IS SOOOOO BEAUTIFUL!!! I don’t know why I haven’t looked at it- maybe because I usually go straight to your post link and not your home page? The images fading in and out into all those precious pictures ohmyHEART! Just precious. Oh so precious!

    I loved reading about the fun you had and Tucker’s adorableness with asking all those questions about Santa! THe gifts cracked me up!! The poop hat along with Santa getting it a bit mixed up? Both are classic plays in parenting, right? LOL

    The tubing video was super cool too. SO fun. I want to do that!!January 13, 2016 – 5:21 amReplyCancel

  • Linda Atwell - Out One Ear - I’m so glad your holidays were happy and Santa found Tucker. Happy New Year!January 14, 2016 – 6:49 pmReplyCancel

  • Kenya G. Johnson - Lol where did he even hear about a poop mask???

    We traveled for the majority of the Santa years and we finally were busted on the last one. Paw Paw said something was from Santa that had BEEN under the tree wrapped and Santa happen to use the same wrapping paper as some of the gift that weren’t from Santa. I could see the wheels turning but he held onto the belief for for 11 more months until he wanted to make sure it was okay if he knew we were Santa. :-( This was our first Christmas home without Santa. Kinda sad but I was so elated also by staying home that it balanced out.

    Love the video. Cool to having a go Pro. We really wanted to buy one in Jamaica but figured we’d be paying too much for it even it was a duty free item. Our tubing on tha the water was just like that (a group holding a handle on another’s tube).January 15, 2016 – 3:05 pmReplyCancel

  • Kristi Campbell - Aw that IS kinda sad that it was your first year without Santa! But staying home – that’s really nice. I think that next year, we’ll go travel on December 26 because the whole Santa questions thing was pretty stressful! Yikes. And the poop mask – he watches these YouTube videos about a family called Skylander Boy and Girl and the dad or the boy had it on in one of them. He’s been asking for months and months.
    And yeah, the Go Pro is cool but I also haven’t taken it out since we went tubing. so… and I’ll bet the tubing on the water was amazing!!January 18, 2016 – 6:53 pmReplyCancel

N e v e r   m i s s   a   n e w   p o s t !