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At one point in my life, I strived to be the last to leave a party. Always, afraid I may miss something. Today though, or, at least last night, I was the first to leave, afraid to miss what was going on at home and afraid that missing it would equal unwelcome repercussions. My son’s hand […]

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  • Lizzi Rogers - Ohhhh it sounds like you have too many things going on at once, all vying for your attention. I’m so glad that these things get to matter, thanks to the work your husband (and others like him) does. I’m also glad that Tucker loves you so much and that you make such a positive difference for him. And I’m glad when you get to sleep in.

    I hope that Spring Break goes well. You’ll find things which make it wonderful. I hope you get all the doings done.March 30, 2015 – 5:56 amReplyCancel

  • Lizzi Rogers - HA AND FRIST! BOOM BABY!March 30, 2015 – 5:56 amReplyCancel

  • Kerri - Oh you have so much to be thankful for, my friend. I mean he WROTE BURP!!! You must be so proud and no I am not being sarcastic :) Okay a little because it is freaking hysterical. T
    Kerri recently posted…On learning to see the person firstMy ProfileMarch 30, 2015 – 9:17 amReplyCancel

  • Allie - Guilt? For what momma? You are awesome. And we are not going anywhere for spring break either, and I don’t even have a good reason! Want to hear all about LTYM show. The Atlanta one isn’t until May, but I plan to go.March 30, 2015 – 10:00 amReplyCancel

  • yvonne - I can relate to what you say about wanting to be there at bedtime because your son remembers at 3am if you aren’t. One of my daughters was like that for a long time too.
    What a cool drawing Tucker did and his writing is brilliant! LIke Kerri, I think you can be proud. My older daughter wrote several letters backwards at that age, so I do think he’s doing amazingly well.
    Hope you have a lovely spring break.
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  • Kim - I remember times that it was hard to be gone at bedtime but also nice to get out and be around other adults without kids.
    I hope y’all have a fun spring break!! Sometimes the ones without plans are the best!!
    Kim recently posted…Mixing It Up Again (3/22 – 3/28)My ProfileMarch 30, 2015 – 11:11 amReplyCancel

  • Janine Huldie - I am so with you and when I do have to be out at bedtime for my girls, I truly feel such mom guilt and miss them so. And like you I also used to be one of the last to leave at a party, too. My how times change and kids seem to have that effect on us. Hugs and we also are heading to spring break at the end of this week, as well here.March 30, 2015 – 11:35 amReplyCancel

  • Emily - I always used to strive to be the last to leave the party too…but now? I’m usually too tired to stay that late! As for spring break and NO PLANS, that’s us too. Big Dude doesn’t have break until next week and the other two dudes have it this week, so I’m pretty much screwed. :) Of course, with two teenagers who like to sleep and do nothing and one dude who will gladly play his xbox all day, I’m in the position of trying to make them do SOMETHING over this break!
    Emily recently posted…How I Became A Bucket-FillerMy ProfileMarch 30, 2015 – 12:20 pmReplyCancel

    • Kristi Campbell - Emily! I love that you used to be the last at a party and that you have no plans for spring break. It sucks that all of the dudes have different ones though – makes it harder to figure out whether to bother going somewhere or not. Ahhh to teenagers who sleep. That’s for real, right?
      Kristi Campbell recently posted…On Being Thankful, Bed, Mothering, And GuiltMy ProfileMarch 30, 2015 – 10:36 pmReplyCancel

  • Kenya G. Johnson - Love the karate video. He’s trying and looks like he wants to get it. I feel guilty at moments when I hang with Christopher before bed sometimes because I am thinking ahead to when I’m not in there and sometimes I don’t hear what he’s saying. And sometimes it makes me so sleepy to hang with him for those last few minutes that I’m ready to go to bed myself. I wish I could stay up until the house was quiet but my husband can stay up forever watching tv then he wants me to watch too. Anyhoo – it’s natural – no need to feel guilty about be excited for time to yourself. But I feel you on wanting to be there at bedtime so you don’t have to answer a 3am call.
    Kenya G. Johnson recently posted…I’m Vain…My ProfileMarch 30, 2015 – 3:21 pmReplyCancel

    • Kristi Campbell - Kenya,
      He’s SO trying. He didn’t want to go tonight because the other kids know more. They’ve been doing it for longer and don’t have some of his constraints. I told him that if he went, we’d go to Chipolte afterwards and the whole way there, he was faking counting to 10 in Korean (you have to know how to get the white or yellow belt – not sure which).
      I get what you mean about feeling so sleepy in bed with the kiddo. That’s part of my problem. I feel guilty that I don’t just go to sleep when I want to but well, yeah. You know.
      Kristi Campbell recently posted…On Being Thankful, Bed, Mothering, And GuiltMy ProfileMarch 30, 2015 – 10:38 pmReplyCancel

  • Stephanie @ Life, Unexpectedly - Yay for sunshine! We had a few rays of it coming through the dark clouds, casting this very eerie light. Love the “burp”- comment! Absolutely awesome!! And congrats to you for taking part in this project and enjoying the party. Off to bed for me now! Have a great week!
    Stephanie @ Life, Unexpectedly recently posted…Week In Review – Ten Things Of Thankful (93)My ProfileMarch 30, 2015 – 4:11 pmReplyCancel

  • Elizabeth - He looks so cute! So glad you are simply enjoying your time with him. I love spending time with my son. :-)
    Elizabeth recently posted…TAKING MENTAL HEALTH DAYSMy ProfileMarch 30, 2015 – 4:41 pmReplyCancel

  • Tamara - Burp is a terrible thing about kindergarten! I agree.
    I have spring break plans for you. Drive to MA. I can’t promise you spring weather but we do special free photography sessions for extra cuties.
    Tamara recently posted…This Is My Constant.My ProfileMarch 30, 2015 – 4:49 pmReplyCancel

  • Julie Christine Stoian - Mom guilt is so pervasive and awful. I don’t get to kiss my kids every night at bed and I’ve really struggled through it. You are such a good mom, and VERY hard on yourself. xoxMarch 30, 2015 – 6:48 pmReplyCancel

  • Sarah - Ohmygosh, Tucker’s art is AMAZING!!! He’s doing such a great job! And the thumbs up from the TKD teacher? Way to go, Tucker!

    Yeah, I know about the trade-off of your own desires for some peace at night…or to sleep through the night!!! Sleep throughs seem to be pretty rare around here of late. Boo to that. Yay to you!
    Sarah recently posted…TToT70: Whoosh!My ProfileMarch 30, 2015 – 7:57 pmReplyCancel

  • Clark Scottroger - …and the problem with ‘BURP’ is? Clearly we are entering the ‘fun with words for body functions’ stage! (which eventually will be replaced by the ‘fun of discovering swear words with your friends’).
    Hell, I’ll take a ‘not bad’ from pretty much anyone I encounter during daylight hours, never mind from an instructor in the world of martial arts! (having the done martial, I will attest to how much we (students) would value a ‘not bad’…)March 30, 2015 – 8:49 pmReplyCancel

  • ivy - Not bad at all! AND wow! He is getting to be a good printer! Nice letters Tucker! Spring break… was always such a challenge to find stuff every day… I never understood those moms who prefer summer vacation to school…. I thought maybe they were stay at home moms and had more time… I like to fool myself that way!
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  • My Inner Chick - I’m thankful for several things.
    One, which is “You.”

    My Inner Chick recently posted…10 Lies Abusers Will Tell YouMy ProfileMarch 30, 2015 – 10:58 pmReplyCancel

Visit my house, and it’s pretty obvious that I don’t like chores. Laundry is handled by my husband, and the spurt of motivation that I got last week to list All Unused Baby Things on Craig’s List is evident in the unpurchased items clogging my family room. “Let’s sell them and get money,” I thought. […]

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  • Allie - Two things – one, I am in the same boat with the selling and Craigslist – there got to be some money back, right? Please? As for he blank space, I get it, I do. And I don’t’ think that Tucker is thinking that those boys will make fun of him, I really don’t. I think he’s smart, because very often – scooters do hurt! Bear has a few scars from one (probably because I was riding it with him). But when you order that scooter…be sure to order the helmet! For real.March 26, 2015 – 10:10 pmReplyCancel

    • Kristi Campbell - YES to the money! I have a highchair that I paid $400 for!! OMG I know. Must be worth SOMETHING yes??? I will order the helmet. We have two unused helmets (craig’s list???) from when I thought he’d be into riding a bike and a trike. He hasn’t been. Oh and another we sent to school so that in gym he’d have his own because LICE>
      Kristi Campbell recently posted…Love, Chores, And Filling In The Blank SpacesMy ProfileMarch 28, 2015 – 12:00 amReplyCancel

  • Dana - Blank spaces…hmmm. I think we are filling them in all the time – with our kids, our spouses, our friends, ourselves. That space between what our kids say and what they mean. That’s what I think of, anyway – and that may be completely different than what you meant. But this got me thinking.

    And on the topic of chores, I like to think that a dusty home is a happy home!
    Dana recently posted…A name tag and a uniformMy ProfileMarch 26, 2015 – 10:18 pmReplyCancel

    • Kristi Campbell - No, you’re right – that’s what I meant and I did a crap job of saying so. Going to edit this now. Too rushed. Too whatever. And here’s to dust = happy. Until the cleaning ladies see it. That’s when I have to leave the house.
      Kristi Campbell recently posted…Love, Chores, And Filling In The Blank SpacesMy ProfileMarch 28, 2015 – 12:01 amReplyCancel

  • Kenya G. Johnson - Awww Christopher was cautious and Tucker probably means what he said. But he is willing to try. Christopher finally got the hang of it when two feet were too big to have on it at once. As for the dirt there’s been lots of it this week. Though I’ve sent him straight to the shower when he comes in at 6:00 I love it that he and kids are enjoying outside like we did when we were little.March 26, 2015 – 10:24 pmReplyCancel

    • Kristi Campbell - He tries the kid’s scooters but he’s really too big for them. The kids are 2 years younger and Tucker is 2 years taller than his own self… but he wants to so I’m looking. So far, I haven’t found it and YES to loving the outside the way we did when we were little!!! My mom had us outside all day long.
      Kristi Campbell recently posted…Love, Chores, And Filling In The Blank SpacesMy ProfileMarch 28, 2015 – 12:08 amReplyCancel

  • Sarah - Two wheels in the front. That’s the kind you want. Offers more stability, though steering is more tricky. And yes, I watched a TWO year old zoom around on a scooter the other day and felt envious of his mother. As for chores, no way. I mean, sometimes I remember to ask them to clear their plates to the kitchen, and I ask they help put their toys away. But compared to what I was expected to do at that age? Sometimes I think it’s the times too, but it’s also just what’s feasible for us.
    Sarah recently posted…FTSF: I’d rather scrub a toilet than…My ProfileMarch 26, 2015 – 10:40 pmReplyCancel

    • Kristi Campbell - Hey Sarah where did you find the 2 wheels in front one? I’ve seen some pics but not a good place to buy one. I don’t mind spending some money on it – he has a trike that was never ridden and I think he’d do this – based on his fun with the neighbor’s but ???
      UGH to the 2 year old. Also scary though. The mom here lets her son zoom on the street. It’s a slow street but still Tucker will be zooming on the sidewalks (I hope).
      Kristi Campbell recently posted…Love, Chores, And Filling In The Blank SpacesMy ProfileMarch 28, 2015 – 12:11 amReplyCancel

  • Lisa @ The Meaning of Me - Hmm…the spaces in between. The chores left alone because life is more important. I think Dana’s right – we all fill in those spaces and the dusty home means we’re busy doing life. I truly do.
    When we did our great Clean and Purge over the summer, I found myself crying over a toy or two of Zilla’s. It was by far time to give away some of the things, but oh the spaces my mind filled in as we packed them away!March 26, 2015 – 10:50 pmReplyCancel

    • Kristi Campbell - You cried over Zilla’s toys??? That makes me FEEL SO MUCH BETTER! My husband asked about the baby bjorn bouncie seat. I was all NO WAY. But then, the why? Just because he loved it so much then doesn’t mean I need it now. But it also feels like somebody should want it enough to pay for it, or something. Thank you for getting it!
      Kristi Campbell recently posted…Love, Chores, And Filling In The Blank SpacesMy ProfileMarch 28, 2015 – 12:12 amReplyCancel

  • Emily - I know I shouldn’t be fixated on this, but your husband does the laundry?! I thought I had it good with mine who cooks, but laundry? Now I’m jealous! And just so you know, I fill in the blank spaces with ALL my kids –even my teenagers…
    Emily recently posted…How I Became A Bucket-FillerMy ProfileMarch 26, 2015 – 11:09 pmReplyCancel

  • Nicki - How beautifully “this cluttered life of ours” contrasts with the blank spaces. Love love love. Your words. Your thoughts. That you’re thinking of this. <3
    Nicki recently posted…On Kveller: 5 Lessons I Learned From Disney’s Newest ‘Cinderella’My ProfileMarch 27, 2015 – 1:00 amReplyCancel

  • Janine Huldie - Aw, I love the blank spaces you filled in here. And by the way, I hate chores and have a laptop I need to list on Craiglist that I keep procrastinating about if it makes you feel any better!March 27, 2015 – 2:07 amReplyCancel

  • Lizzi Rogers - Blank spaces are tricky. You’re doing your best, and that’s all anyone could ask.March 27, 2015 – 2:27 amReplyCancel

  • April Grant - I have so many things cluttering that I need to list on Craigslist or swip swap or any of the other numerous places I should go to make just a few dollars yet empty my house. Yet it sits there with excuses. Soon though. Soon.March 27, 2015 – 6:48 amReplyCancel

  • Sandy Ramsey - I worry too little about the blank spaces. Maybe too little. I am really rethinking my priorites today and this post hit the mark. I spend so much time trying to declutter my physical spaces and I think that I’ve ignored, or at least put off, the mental and emotional ones for far too long.
    There’s a story behind it and I’m sure I’ll be telling it but in the meantime this is just the reminder I needed.
    Beautiful, as always!
    Sandy Ramsey recently posted…Truth Is the DareMy ProfileMarch 27, 2015 – 7:01 amReplyCancel

    • Kristi Campbell - I don’t think you worry about the blank spaces too little. I think I worry about them too much. Howz about we trade? You come declutter my physical spaces and I’ll do free totally untrained and worthless decluttering of your head? ;)
      Ok maybe a bad idea.
      Kristi Campbell recently posted…Love, Chores, And Filling In The Blank SpacesMy ProfileMarch 28, 2015 – 12:40 amReplyCancel

  • Scott - Blank spaces seem to be the only type I have. What I would give for a little clarity. Sigh…

    As for Tucker and his scooter, I would think he’s not so much afraid of other kids making fun of him as much as he is actually afraid of physically getting hurt. I know that though terrified me when I was learning to ride a bike, so I started out in the yard so that I’d fall into the grass when I inevitably fell.
    Scott recently posted…TToT: I’m So Busy I Can’t SleepMy ProfileMarch 27, 2015 – 8:32 amReplyCancel

    • Kristi Campbell - It scared me to get hurt, too, when learning to ride a bike, so maybe you’re right. He does seem to care a bit that “they can do it and I can’t” which is maybe the point of my blank space worries. Or maybe I’m totally off. Also a dumb post that I so need to edit but when? It’s 12:42am. ugh. Thanks, TD. Scott. TD.
      Kristi Campbell recently posted…Love, Chores, And Filling In The Blank SpacesMy ProfileMarch 28, 2015 – 12:42 amReplyCancel

  • Anna Fitfunner - I’m not sure that Tucker’s blank spaces are so related to what other kids might think of him. They might be, because I don’t know Tucker nearly as well as you know him, but a lot of kids on the spectrum aren’t worried about social situations. For me, I’d expect that he is just worried that he might fall down. In which case, you can just pick him up, dust him off, and get him scootering again! My oldest was not nearly as verbal as Tucker is at 5 years old, but we kept pushing him to explore his world. Autism can hold back a child, but it does not have to limit what they learn to do and enjoy!! Good luck with the scootering!March 27, 2015 – 10:02 amReplyCancel

  • Elizabeth - Filling in the blank spaces with love – how can anyone go wrong with that! :-D
    Elizabeth recently posted…WHAT A GREAT IEP CASE MANAGER LOOKS LIKEMy ProfileMarch 27, 2015 – 11:03 amReplyCancel

  • Kerri - Oh I love your words, there are way too many blank spaces in our lives but you fill those spaces with love and dedication that IN PUBLIC falls will be as minimal as possible. Which is incredible. On the chore front, UGH. Even Abby doesn’t have “chores” other than routine. I battle it all the time, this feeling that I cooked dinner at her age but it is easier for me to cook now than to teach her. And forget educational after school. To me that is what the teachers are paid for and hell they worked so hard for to fill those blank spaces let’s play now!
    Kerri recently posted…TBT–Run like you are in the ghettoMy ProfileMarch 27, 2015 – 11:20 amReplyCancel

  • Katy @ Experienced Bad Mom - I’m glad you spent the time looking up scooters rather than cleaning clutter or washing. And I’ll be happy thinking of you watching him outside trying to scooter or playing in the dirt rather than thinking of you inside cleaning clutter or washing.
    Katy @ Experienced Bad Mom recently posted…Deep Thoughts about my Son’s LaundryMy ProfileMarch 27, 2015 – 11:34 amReplyCancel

  • Kelly L McKenzie - I remember my son’s reluctance to learn to ride his bike. The big two wheeler. All of his friends had been riding “training wheels” free for years. We went to the deserted parking lot behind a school and he practised and fell and practised and fell. It seemed to take forever but he finally got it. My heart goes out to you Kristi. May you find the right scooter for T amongst the scooter options. And that clutter? I always remember a friend telling me “your kids won’t remember how clean your house was, but they’ll remember what you did with them.” I love (and live) that.
    Kelly L McKenzie recently posted…Lessons Learned Shoe ShoppingMy ProfileMarch 27, 2015 – 2:36 pmReplyCancel

    • Kristi Campbell - I remember practicing and falling too – my dad, holding onto the seat behind me and all of a sudden, he wasn’t there. I realized it, and fell, but after that? Totally flew. Mostly. I love your quote about kids not remembering how clean the house was but remembering what you did with them.
      Kristi Campbell recently posted…Love, Chores, And Filling In The Blank SpacesMy ProfileMarch 28, 2015 – 11:04 pmReplyCancel

  • Kim - If I lived closer I would scooter with y’all and then Tucker could laugh at me when I fall since it would happen a lot!!
    Kim recently posted…A Few Words Can Wash Away a FunkMy ProfileMarch 27, 2015 – 3:24 pmReplyCancel

  • Lisa @ Golden Spoons - I suck at chores. I haven’t found a “system” that works with my kids and then I get ticked off that they don’t do anything. They are slobs. Seriously.

    I think we all have blank spaces, too, in any relationship. I love the idea of Tucker zooming down he street on a scooter with a giant smile on his face. But, I his fear – if it is indeed fear. My 7 year old can barely ride a bike without training wheels. She’s tried. She’s scared of falling. Sometimes we all have to fall – and let the ones we love fall -in order to experience something new. :-)
    Lisa @ Golden Spoons recently posted…Treading WaterMy ProfileMarch 27, 2015 – 5:48 pmReplyCancel

  • Tamara - I was watching kids zoom like crazy on scooters yesterday – like up stairs!
    They were ten, though.
    That taunt would make Scarlet cry, “I don’t have to go to school today!” She misses preschool.
    I suck at all chores equally!
    Tamara recently posted…What I Want You To Know.My ProfileMarch 27, 2015 – 7:33 pmReplyCancel

  • Chris Carter - oh it’s SO hard to give up those sacred items that bring us all those memories and HOLD them all too… I get it.

    And I get the inability to sell the damn things too. UGH.

    Blank spaces. I like that. There are many, aren’t there?

    And I think sometimes we fill them in wrong. We mistake the blank spaces for something else, when perhaps the thoughts we conjured up in our heads don’t actually match the thoughts in the other’s.

    Lots of blank spaces… left to our imagination. Some need to stay that way, and perhaps others? Need to be filled accurately.

    LOVE that idea.
    Chris Carter recently posted…The Power of MemoriesMy ProfileMarch 27, 2015 – 11:58 pmReplyCancel

    • Kristi Campbell - I think you’re right about sometimes filling in the blank spaces with the wrong things, Chris, like assuming somebody is angry or something when really they are just reflecting or hurting or lost in their own blank spaces.
      Kristi Campbell recently posted…Love, Chores, And Filling In The Blank SpacesMy ProfileMarch 28, 2015 – 11:16 pmReplyCancel

  • Marcia @ Menopausal Mother - I think it’s wonderful that you’re going to go ahead and give him the chance to try the scooter–when he feels ready to do it. That way it will be his choice and make him feel more comfortable because he will be the decision maker on this. You’re such a good mom! xo
    Marcia @ Menopausal Mother recently posted…Fifteen Things No Parent Should Have To Say To Their Teen DaughterMy ProfileMarch 28, 2015 – 12:50 amReplyCancel

  • Kirstenjill Hudkins Robbins - Probably the wrong things to pick up on, but my takeaways were “dayum, her man does laundry?” and “those neighborhood kids are little a-holes.” T is just fine, mom. And so are you. Have fun scootering!!!March 28, 2015 – 5:13 amReplyCancel

  • Michelle AKA Crumpets and Bollocks - I think it’s a good idea to get him that scooter. Just remind him that falling down is part of the learning, and if the other kids make fun of him for it, just scream, “Whatever. Your mom couldn’t do any better.” Meanwhile, I’m glad I’m not the only one who totally avoids my chores to do things for my kids. When he grows up, he’s not going to remember, “My awesome mom gave away my baby clothes to goodwill,” no he’s going to remember, “My awesome mom got me that scooter I was afraid to try.” We only live once, and we want to be good memories to our children. You know? So basically I’m saying I have mounds of baby clothes. Every time I start to sort through it, rewashing it for the gazillionth time to give away, my kids dump it in dirty clothes to use the box for something. My bedroom is covered in dirty clothes and clean clothes on the floor, so bad I’m afraid to get a kitten. It might get sucked into the abyss of clothes never to be seen again.
    Michelle AKA Crumpets and Bollocks recently posted…Cleaning with Kids and Other Things I hate DoingMy ProfileMarch 28, 2015 – 7:38 amReplyCancel

  • My Inner Chick - ****I’m also thinking about the Blank Spaces. Those filled with love, and those filled with the unsaid.***

    I just fucking love you.

    That’s all.

    xMarch 28, 2015 – 3:12 pmReplyCancel

  • Allison carter - YES to dirt – and blank space are ok – and I am so glad you googled scooters – and yes, all kids fly someday. ALL OF THEM. I know this, because I flew as a kid.
    I love.
    Allison carter recently posted…How to Really MatterMy ProfileMarch 28, 2015 – 9:09 pmReplyCancel

Late at night, when all I hear is the humming of my house and the silent moon in the window, it would be easy to think about the things that I regret. Not saving more money when I could have, buying this house in a seller’s market, procrastinating the scheduling of doctors and dentists and […]

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Today’s Our Land post was written by a long-time friend and a woman that I greatly admire. My friend Sandy is amazing, brave, a wordsmith, and is raising her grandson as her own. In her former blog, she didn’t speak much of the daily life she’s living, and has decided to begin a new one, […]

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  • Kerri - You are definitely not a victim, but I see the hero here. Not one to be put onto a pedal stool but rather one who leads by example: in the trenches. I felt your heartbreak over losing your daughter, how you know exactly where she is in her journey and the hope you have that she finds the way back. I so admire your honesty. I hope you know that as much as this sucks, what doesn’t is remembering that look in his eye the first time he saw his new bedroom.

    Hugs for all you have gone through and all of what is to come.
    Kerri recently posted…I already hate KindergartenMy ProfileMarch 18, 2015 – 12:17 pmReplyCancel

    • Kristi Campbell - Kerri,
      I so hope Sandy’s daughter finds her way back to them both as well and I also so hope that the little boy finds peace with not knowing how his grandma, who is raising him, knows his mom. That’s just said and yeah, I love that he loves his room so much, too!!!
      Kristi Campbell recently posted…Our Land: Saving Your Grandbaby from Your Addict DaughterMy ProfileMarch 19, 2015 – 12:15 amReplyCancel

    • Sandy - I suppose my whole family is made up of heroes in this case, including the little guy for doing the best he can every day. I sometimes have to remind myself what it must be like inside his head..the confusion. While I do believe he’s happy, I don’t believe he’s carefree yet. As for my daughter, we tried for a long time with her. Now she’s an adult with the knowledge and tools to do what she needs to do if she chooses to. It came to a point where I had to do for the one who had no choices.
      Sandy recently posted…Carpe Librum: Order of Seven by Beth TelihoMy ProfileMarch 19, 2015 – 9:34 amReplyCancel

  • Chris Carter - Oh this breaks my heart into millions of pieces… in so many ways. Sandy, you have fought hard, battle more wars than any woman can. And you have saved a child, for the sake of another. I wish I could help you save both. Praying for hope, healing, and a triumphant ending to this story.
    Chris Carter recently posted…Ten Traits of an Amazing WomanMy ProfileMarch 18, 2015 – 1:10 pmReplyCancel

  • Dana - Sandy, it’s good to see you here. We don’t know one another well, but I was sad when you left blogging. I’m glad you are back, and that you are sharing your story. I hope your daughter finds her way back to you and her son.
    Dana recently posted…Never will I everMy ProfileMarch 18, 2015 – 1:34 pmReplyCancel

    • Kristi Campbell - Dana, I’m glad Sandy’s back too and agree that I so so hope and pray for a way back for her daughter to Sandy and to her daughter’s son. In the mean time, I’m just so glad he has a home and so much love.
      Kristi Campbell recently posted…Our Land: Saving Your Grandbaby from Your Addict DaughterMy ProfileMarch 19, 2015 – 12:18 amReplyCancel

    • Sandy - Thank you, Dana! It’s good to be back. As much as I loved the first blog, it never felt genuine to me but I just missed the community so much. So when I came back I decided exactly how I wanted to do it and am happy to say I’m making it happen. I hold out hope for my daughter too. I never give it up but I know when I’ve done all I can and it’s time to let go of the reins. That part is all up to her. As for J, he’s a tough one but I think he’ll be okay.
      Sandy recently posted…Carpe Librum: Order of Seven by Beth TelihoMy ProfileMarch 19, 2015 – 9:47 amReplyCancel

  • Emily - Sandy, This was so brave of you to share. It’s honest and real, and perhaps your story will help others who have a loved one battling addiction. I agree you are not a victim and I too can relate to people saying how “wonderful” or “heroic” you were. When my son was sick, of course I put him as my top priority – what mom wouldn’t? And yet, people kept praising me as a mom. Frankly, I didn’t get it. Anyway, I hope this journey continues to head in a positive direction for ALL of you.
    Emily recently posted…How I Became A Bucket-FillerMy ProfileMarch 18, 2015 – 2:04 pmReplyCancel

    • Kristi Campbell - Emily,
      I remember you saying, when LD was sick that people were all “Oh, you’re so amazing” and also get like um, what else am I going to do? It’s my kid and I’m here and that. Thank you for your awesome perspective as always and for you. And commenting.
      Kristi Campbell recently posted…Our Land: Saving Your Grandbaby from Your Addict DaughterMy ProfileMarch 19, 2015 – 12:20 amReplyCancel

    • Sandy - Thank you, Emily. I don’t consider myself a hero and I didn’t write this for praise. I did write it in hope that someone else would read it and know they don’t struggle alone. There are so many families torn apart by addiction and I know for a fact that when you are in the middle of it you can feel like you are on a deserted island with no one to care. I also want people to know there is no shame in it. We are human, we fall and we fail. All of us.
      I am humbled that people think so much of what I’m doing but it is truly our family as a whole doing the saving here. You and I are in total agreement…what mom wouldn’t? I can’t make the choices for my 28 year old daughter but I can certainly step up to make sure that her son has a chance. It’s just what you do. There are no heroics…it’s just the right thing to do. Because I love him.
      Sandy recently posted…Carpe Librum: Order of Seven by Beth TelihoMy ProfileMarch 19, 2015 – 9:57 amReplyCancel

  • Allie - WOW! I am unsure of what to write. But my heart breaks for all involved. My family is no stranger to addiction, so I know how destructive it can be. You are an angel and I hope that little boy will finally find some peace.
    Allie recently posted…Whatever Happened to My St. Patrick’s Day?My ProfileMarch 18, 2015 – 2:07 pmReplyCancel

    • Kristi Campbell - Allie, maybe there’s not much TO SAY, really. I mean, what to do? And I know this hits close to home for you with your family and so thank you for your peace wishes for Sandy and her family and for commenting, always. <3
      Kristi Campbell recently posted…Our Land: Saving Your Grandbaby from Your Addict DaughterMy ProfileMarch 19, 2015 – 12:21 amReplyCancel

    • Sandy - Allie, I’m sorry to hear how close to home the subject of addiction hits but you and I both know we are not alone. No profound words are necessary, I just appreciate you reading and most certainly the wish for peace. I offer you the same. Thank you.
      Sandy recently posted…Carpe Librum: Order of Seven by Beth TelihoMy ProfileMarch 19, 2015 – 9:59 amReplyCancel

  • Kim - I read this as a story of amazing love!!
    Sandy is a mom and grandma/mom and even though she doesn’t want to be on a pedestal I think that her actions will have a huge impact on breaking the cycle. Even though her little guy has gone through trauma and can be a challenge she is helping make his life easier in the long run.
    Thank you for sharing this – both Kristi and Sandy!!!
    Kim recently posted…Some of My Favorite WorkoutsMy ProfileMarch 18, 2015 – 2:15 pmReplyCancel

  • Janine Huldie - Sandy, I was seriously just thinking about you today and then I saw you wrote here. So, I am glad that I read your whole article, as I knew some of the story from you in the past, but not the whole story. You definitely might not believe you are hero, but I know differently and would say that is exactly what you are. I really can’t say that enough and what you did for your grandson and your daughter by extension, too is just amazing in my eyes.
    Janine Huldie recently posted…I Write, Therefore I AmMy ProfileMarch 18, 2015 – 2:29 pmReplyCancel

  • Kenya G. Johnson - Wow Sandy – the powerful story behind the new blog name. I had wondered about the change and what it meant but I didn’t dig deeper. Thank you for sharing your story as it is. I commend your bravery and living your silence out loud.
    Kenya G. Johnson recently posted…A Terrible Privilege…My ProfileMarch 18, 2015 – 2:30 pmReplyCancel

  • Anna Fitfunner - It’s important that your grandson can see some semblance of a stable life. It’s a great gift that you are giving him. Sending hugs!March 18, 2015 – 6:38 pmReplyCancel

  • Roshni AaMom - Such heartbreak and trauma..I can’t even imagine! I’m so much in awe to your strength and positivism through it all.March 18, 2015 – 8:40 pmReplyCancel

  • Lizzi Rogers - My DA, you are an inspiration. No pedestal, but perhaps just a small cape, made of compassion, and perhaps a fortress of perseverence. And, like, a sword or something.

    Carry on, warrior.

    <3March 19, 2015 – 12:58 amReplyCancel

  • Elizabeth - I sat in front of my keyboard for a long time, trying to figure out how to comment. Things that came to me included: “thank you” and “bless you” but they don’t capture everything in my head. It was hard because I have worked in child welfare for 25 years and I know what happens to kids when they are placed with strangers instead of family. I am not talking horrible people, just people with whom there is no family connection. That connection is ineffable and can make all the difference for kids. As a parent of a child on the Autism spectrum I have gotten those phone calls from the school, carried the screaming child certain the police are going to show up, and been hit and kicked. In the end, “thank you” and “bless you,” pretty much sums it up I guess. :-)
    Elizabeth recently posted…TRICKY MARKETING AND TRICKY MATHMy ProfileMarch 19, 2015 – 2:47 pmReplyCancel

  • Sandra Sallin - Beautiful! I thinkeveryone’s comments say it all. Just wanted to know you are heard and appreciated.
    Sandra Sallin recently posted…CAROL BURNETT and TOM SELLECK ––– A FLASHBACKMy ProfileMarch 19, 2015 – 5:07 pmReplyCancel

  • Linda Atwell - Wow. Powerful story. I loved every single word. Thank you for sharing, but I’m so sorry you (and your little guy) have to go through so much pain. My heart goes out to you.March 20, 2015 – 5:10 amReplyCancel

  • Out One Ear - Wow. Powerful story. I loved every single word. Thank you for sharing, but I’m so sorry you (and your little guy) have to go through so much pain. My heart goes out to you.March 20, 2015 – 5:11 amReplyCancel

  • Kathleen O'Donnell - This is, as you might remember from my post on Sisterwives this is a post very close to my heart and under my skin. I can’t imagine how it would’ve been had my son had a child. You’re a hero. And somewhere, underneath it all, your daughter possesses mother love. She did the best thing for her child under the most hideous circumstances. So, I salute her too. And hope, hope, hope, she finds her way out. Love to you, my friend and fellow mom of a substance abuser.March 20, 2015 – 1:52 pmReplyCancel

  • Tamara - Wow Sandy – that’s some story and so beautifully written. I have to catch up with your new blog and I’m happy that there is one. My favorite part is this:

    “I have never felt like I’d saved someone’s life.

    I do now.”
    Tamara recently posted…How To Fall In Love, Part 2.My ProfileMarch 20, 2015 – 11:12 pmReplyCancel

  • Angel the Alien - I have known many, many children whose parents had these types of problems, both when working in schools and in my personal life. in many cases for the children the possibilities for the future will be either, to continue being raised in this type of environment and hopefully survive, or to take their chances in foster care. I am always thinking, “I wish there was someone who could rescue that child.” Sandy, I am glad your grandson has you… and also, I am certain it is helpful to your daughter to know that, by giving her son to you, where he will be safe and cared for and loved, she acted like a good mother. I suspect she remembers that you were a good mother to her, and she wanted her boy to have the same.
    Angel the Alien recently posted…Would You Welcome A Wolf?My ProfileMarch 20, 2015 – 11:24 pmReplyCancel

  • Michelle @ A Dish of Daily Life - I had tears in my eyes the entire time I was reading this. I can’t even imagine this. But that little boy now has a chance thanks to you, Sandy. Bless you.
    Michelle @ A Dish of Daily Life recently posted…7 Ways to Rock Your Disney Princess Race ExperienceMy ProfileMarch 22, 2015 – 7:14 pmReplyCancel

It’s not that I remember most of the St. Patrick’s Days that I’ve celebrated. I remember my friend and I sitting at Bennigan’s, annoyed with the drunks, not drunk enough ourselves to find them amusing or cheerful, green beer aside. I remember that the waitress forgot about us and that we left without paying after […]

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  • Dana - Tucker has come so far… and so have you. I’ve had the privilege of watching both of you (if only through my computer) grow and love and support for the past two years, and that’s better than a green beer any day.
    Dana recently posted…Who is this Pat guy and why are we celebrating?My ProfileMarch 12, 2015 – 10:09 pmReplyCancel

  • Allie - Oh Kristi. Are you ready for this? Our evaluation was St. Patrick’s Day week, too. We got our diagnosis on March 14th, 2003. Oh, and we (the U.S.) went to war – for real, a few days later. I also remember the hearing evaluation – the first one he failed, and then second when I had to take him to a hospital, and I prayed he was hearing impaired. How sad it that? And stupid. I am so glad he can hear me now:). We must catch up soon@!
    Allie recently posted…Whatever Happened to My St. Patrick’s Day?My ProfileMarch 12, 2015 – 10:15 pmReplyCancel

  • Kimberly - Oh that face…I can see the anxiety in his face. Tucker is incredible. You are incredible. I love that you are using your space to reach out to those who are in your shoes, and to those, like me, who don’t know but want to understand. Your journey is helping so many. Love you. Green beer and corn beef xoxoxMarch 12, 2015 – 11:33 pmReplyCancel

    • Kristi Campbell - Aw Kim, if you could see the video. He has a complete break down because we asked him to touch dad’s ear, which is how therapy started. Poor guy. Totally heartbreaking and awful. Thanks tho love for your sweet words and for wanting to understand. I feel the same about your words – and how you’ve opened up PTSD and depression for me. So thank YOU.
      Kristi Campbell recently posted…Early Intervention Evaluations and the St. Patrick’s Day that Wasn’tMy ProfileMarch 13, 2015 – 9:11 pmReplyCancel

  • Lisa @ The Meaning of Me - Wow, Kristi, that is one heck of a post. Your family is amazing. You have strength beyond measure. That poor little face – oh how I know that look!
    Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you – no matter how you spend it. Just watch out for the green beer! You’ll see why in my post.
    *jig jig jig*March 12, 2015 – 11:44 pmReplyCancel

  • Mike - I’ve never gone out on St Patrick’s Day. Just never had any interest and also I was working 99% of the time.

    Kristi, my gut cringed WITH you when I read, “It’s NOT just a speech delay.” I would have been angry too. That the light of my life could even remotely have anything wrong with him. AND that anyone, especially a Dr, would tell me so. Tucker is Light in every aspect and please tell him I’m still holding out for that mac and cheese guy date with him! Btw…every time I visit here is the pot of gold at the end of rainbow. You, my friend, are the place in folks hearts where dreams come true :)March 13, 2015 – 1:38 amReplyCancel

    • Kristi Campbell - You’ve NEVER gone out on St. Patrick’s Day?? Mike!!! One of my best was in New Orlean’s. Oh man, maybe I should have written about that. Oh wait, I have already!! And if I triple-dog-dare you to go out on this one, will you???
      And yeah, the whole thing with the news. It was scary and maddening and thank you for getting it! He’s got you on his calendar for Mac n Cheese whenever all of our paths cross! Also BEST COMMENT ever. Thank you for your words and your support and your love. It is so so appreciated. Truly.
      Kristi Campbell recently posted…Early Intervention Evaluations and the St. Patrick’s Day that Wasn’tMy ProfileMarch 13, 2015 – 9:30 pmReplyCancel

  • Janine Huldie - Kristi, I just wish in times like this that I could just reach through the computer and give you a great big, old hug, because you seriously are an amazing mom to Tucker always! And by the way, you are also so right about St. Patrick’s Day being so different once you have kids, because totally different celebration indeed now for sure.March 13, 2015 – 2:08 amReplyCancel

  • Anna Fitfunner - Kristi: it’s a joy reading what you’ve written about Tucker. Not because of the anguish that you’ve traveled through, but because of the Light that Tucker was, is, and will be for your family and himself. Tucker is on a great path. It will be tough from time to time, but he is growing and developing each day with the wonderful support that your husband and you are giving him. March 13, 2015 – 2:14 amReplyCancel

  • Kelly McKenzie - Oh Kristi. I’ve been thinking a lot about how all consuming certain things can be. My pal passed away from pancreatic cancer on Monday and I’m certain St. Patrick’s Day is the farthest thing from her husband and daughter’s mind. May they too find the light and love to move on in the future.
    Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you, your husband and Tucker.March 13, 2015 – 3:11 amReplyCancel

  • KeAnne - I loved Bennigans. My husband and I were just reminiscing about that place last weekend. Hugs, Kristi, and give T a big kiss. Between infertility & evaluations, I know too well how insensitive doctors can be.March 13, 2015 – 3:15 amReplyCancel

  • Katy @ Experienced Bad Mom - What resonated with me was this: “I’ll realize how far we’ve come and how far we still have and I’ll laugh with my little boy and his funny little leprechaun trap that may mean he’s still not following directions. I’ll know that he’s still behind and I’ll know that that’s okay.” I’m happy that you can find the positive, the hope, and that you’re always moving forward and sharing that here for others to be encouraged!
    Katy @ Experienced Bad Mom recently posted…When It Comes to St. Patrick’s DayMy ProfileMarch 13, 2015 – 7:27 amReplyCancel

  • Nina - I think realizing and appreciating (in yourself) how far you have come while being realistic about how far you have to go is the very best place to be as a state of mind.
    Nina recently posted…Dispelling MythsMy ProfileMarch 13, 2015 – 7:39 amReplyCancel

  • My Inner Chick - **But early intervention and special needs evaluations are not about what the kids CAN do – they’re about what they’re NOT doing**

    this is TRUE, but it shouldn’t be like this.

    I work in an autism room, and I believe all the students are brilliant, geniuses, & that their brains work differently (That’s All).

    If they cannot do something, which the “outside” world assumes they should, SO WHAT?

    They can do many other things that blow my freaking nylons off!

    xxx love from MN.
    My Inner Chick recently posted…Remaining Silent About Domestic Abuse KILLSMy ProfileMarch 13, 2015 – 7:52 amReplyCancel

  • Kenya G. Johnson - It’s amazing how a day can trigger an associated meaning. I can imagine you look at the photo each year with as much hope as you had in the moment, because he has come a long ways hasn’t he. I’m not asking, I’m just making an statement from observation of stories and videos you’ve shared over the years. I am as certain that there will be no pee just as there will be no pot of gold – and I mean that in the most optimistic/pessimistic way ;-)
    Kenya G. Johnson recently posted…A Terrible Privilege…My ProfileMarch 13, 2015 – 8:52 amReplyCancel

    • Kristi Campbell - Um. After reading YOUR amazing post about how a day triggered a memory, well, yes. It really is, isn’t it??? And he has come such a long long way, truly. It’s actually a little humbling to remember that he used to not be able to sit for 30 seconds and touch his daddy’s ear. How he cried so much over that. haha to there being no pee and no pot of gold! There will (sigh) be a leprechaun trap though. And thanks, Kenya. You’re so awesome.
      Kristi Campbell recently posted…Early Intervention Evaluations and the St. Patrick’s Day that Wasn’tMy ProfileMarch 13, 2015 – 10:54 pmReplyCancel

  • Kerri - UGH being told the evaluation results sucks, it is the day you remember being told your child was not perfect and you saying YES they are perfect, they just don’t fit the perfect mold. Tucker has come so far. Why? Because you took those evaluations and determined to defy their limitations. Rock on with green beer my friend
    Kerri recently posted…St. Patrick’s DayMy ProfileMarch 13, 2015 – 9:10 amReplyCancel

    • Kristi Campbell - YES Kerri. Ugh to all of that. I mean, you already know what you know but it sucks to have somebody make it feel like it’s a “bad thing” or something when it’s really NOT. It just is and it’s scary but it’s still your kid who is beyond awesome. Here’s to green beer. Also I was saying “Patty” until I read your post. Um. yeah. xo
      Kristi Campbell recently posted…Early Intervention Evaluations and the St. Patrick’s Day that Wasn’tMy ProfileMarch 13, 2015 – 10:56 pmReplyCancel

  • Katia - He is light and so are you and the way you write just makes me live through your experiences, assume them and internalize them. It breaks my heart to think that the vulnerability of any parent experiencing uncertainty would not be taken into consideration and that life changing words would be uttered in less kindness than expected. I think, though, that a person who expects kindness is one who most likely spreads it. I know that you do and I love this sentence for so many reasons, kindness being one of them: “Realizing that he’ll never catch up is scary and realizing that it doesn’t truly matter whether he does or not is freeing. All of it scary and freeing and also just life and just us and just Just.”March 13, 2015 – 10:05 amReplyCancel

    • Kristi Campbell - Oh Katia, you always always know the best way into my brain and my heart and I thank you for getting it and for raising amazing boys who will love and accept my son as he is – no matter what. That’s pretty powerful and amazing and a testament to you as a person and as a mom. Thank you. Thank you too for your own perspectives that I’d also never have known without your voice. Immigrating to another country where there are cultural and language barriers, working at home, working full-time out of home, the combinations, your own business. YOU amaze me all of the time and I feel blessed to know you.
      Kristi Campbell recently posted…Early Intervention Evaluations and the St. Patrick’s Day that Wasn’tMy ProfileMarch 13, 2015 – 11:03 pmReplyCancel

  • Lisa @ Golden Spoons - You know what makes me feel really sad and guilty? That when I used to be the one doing the evaluations, I didn’t have kids and I didn’t have the perspective of being a mom and all the emotions that come along with it. Or, maybe just that your blog (or one like it) didn’t exist then so that I could fully comprehend how it felt for them – how hard it was for them to hear what I had to tell them; how those few minutes I spent with their chid was not totally representative of who their child was and what he/she could do. I just wish I had known all this back then so that I could have been a little more compassionate and understanding. That’s what was going through my head as I read this, because you have a way – a wonderful way – of making others really feel it.

    Good luck with the leprechaun trap and Happy St. Patty’s to you!
    Lisa @ Golden Spoons recently posted…Old School Blogging – March 2015My ProfileMarch 13, 2015 – 12:41 pmReplyCancel

    • Kristi Campbell - Lisa Lisa Lisa (I can hear my dad in that and that’s not as bad as it may seem). Of COURSE you didn’t know. How could you? It was your job to bear the news and if anybody should feel regret, its your supervisors who never taught that and the ones here too. It’s an underpaid and under acknowledged job and so of COURSE it’s flawed. It’s also awesome because your heart is big and amazing and I am positive that you were kinder than you remember – that your mom heart has skewed it. Also? People like me needed to hear those words from an expert. I was completely in denial, and often times, still am. So thank you for your service to doing it and thank you for seeing a bigger picture now. I’m sorry though that I made you doubt you. And hugs.
      Kristi Campbell recently posted…Early Intervention Evaluations and the St. Patrick’s Day that Wasn’tMy ProfileMarch 13, 2015 – 11:08 pmReplyCancel

  • Kim - I love that this year St. Patrick’s Day will be enjoyed – your son is so cute. That picture of him is sweet – I don’t like doing things on demand either!!! He will touch his dad’s ear when he wants to I bet!!!
    Kim recently posted…Not Every Day Is PerfectMy ProfileMarch 13, 2015 – 7:04 pmReplyCancel

  • Emily - I can still recall those early intervention evaluations as if they were yesterday. They are traumatizing, no question about it. I may have told you this once already, but I distinctly remember one of the evaluators saying to me about my non-verbal child, almost matter-of-factly (in other words, not too kindly): “Your son may never be able to talk.” Oh how I wish I could march my Big Dude into her office today and say, “guess you were wrong, bi-atch.” Anyway, I know those evaluations can be haunting, but I hope you realize that you and Tucker are already light years beyond what anyone may have said or predicted and there is NO LIMIT to where you both can go. I plan to toast to you and your little man with some green beer this year!
    Emily recently posted…The February LamentMy ProfileMarch 13, 2015 – 9:20 pmReplyCancel

    • Kristi Campbell - UGH I hate hate hate that somebody had the balls to say “Your son may never be able to talk.” WTF. People are stupid and I hope you DO march him in and let her know that he talks and can talk to GIRLS!!! And yeah, I am pretty surprised by where Tucker is (and where I am) and thank you so much. Your advice over the past couple of years has been priceless and meaningful and helpful and THANK YOU). I’ll toast you and your little man and middle man and big man and biggest man right back with some green beer, Emily!
      Kristi Campbell recently posted…Early Intervention Evaluations and the St. Patrick’s Day that Wasn’tMy ProfileMarch 13, 2015 – 11:17 pmReplyCancel

  • Roshni - You’ve all come a long way and I’m so glad he’s enjoying kindergarten so much! Hope you all have a fun St Patrick’s Day!
    Roshni recently posted…“It takes two hands to clap”My ProfileMarch 13, 2015 – 10:22 pmReplyCancel

  • Marcia @ Menopausal Mother - Awwww…Kristi, this post just makes me want to hug you so hard. It almost seems surreal to me when I look back on the St. Patrick’s days of my youth. They were great times for sure, but I’m happy just to spend it at home now with my family. I’m betting you are, too. XO
    Marcia @ Menopausal Mother recently posted…Blind As A RhinoMy ProfileMarch 14, 2015 – 12:24 amReplyCancel

  • Chris Carter - I just kept thinking “Look how far Tucker has come, since then!” Oh, those scary early days of diagnoses and the ‘what ifs’- I remember mine with Cass. Different reasons, same fear.

    I remember Cass screaming so hard during therapy, that they finally decided she had sensory integration disorder or some nonsense because the PT said she has never seen a baby cry so hard for so long- and they evaluated her for OT. Which we then went to in addition to the PT. Little did I know, that was only the beginning of the nightmare. Sigh…

    But somehow you come through it and out of it and keep learning as you go that things WILL be okay: Because you realize that each turns brings more hope, change, and strength than you ever thought you had, yes?

    That’s what I see here. XO
    Chris Carter recently posted…Meet Me At The Café…That’s What Friends DoMy ProfileMarch 14, 2015 – 12:59 amReplyCancel

    • Kristi Campbell - Aw Chris, he has come SO SO FAR. And I know that you get the fright from the early days with Cass. Sigh. So sorry that they thought OT would help when it was just pain and not breathing. We do get through though somehow don’t we? With the help of one another and the community and the love and the sharing and the hope. Mostly the love though and thank you.
      Kristi Campbell recently posted…Early Intervention Evaluations and the St. Patrick’s Day that Wasn’tMy ProfileMarch 14, 2015 – 10:57 pmReplyCancel

  • Jen Kehl - Isn’t funny how timely things can be. My little leprechan has been wearing his leprechan hat all week. As I worry. But by the time Leprechan day comes around we’ll have answers and next year it will be like it never happened :-)March 14, 2015 – 2:22 amReplyCancel

  • Scott - i really don’t understand the fascination with St. Patrick’s Day. No one (that I know, anyhow) actually celebrates their Irish heritage. It’s just an excuse to get drunk. Do you really need an excuse to get drunk? I don’t…
    Scott recently posted…TToT: I’m So Busy I Can’t SleepMy ProfileMarch 14, 2015 – 7:55 amReplyCancel

  • Elizabeth - I love how you say evaluations are about what are kids are not doing, not what they can do. I think one of my biggest frustrations is that professionals have such a hard time after the evaluation making the transition from “not doing” to “can do” in developing therapies. The not do should only be a starting point and yet for some professionals they appear to be stuck there.
    Elizabeth recently posted…THE NEED FOR AWARENESS AND THE NEED FOR ACCEPTANCEMy ProfileMarch 14, 2015 – 12:47 pmReplyCancel

  • Tamara - You’ve both come so far, and sometimes the silliest parts of a holiday will make you remember what used to be. At least for me.
    You enjoy those leprechaun traps!! And maybe throw in some green eggs or something. With natural food coloring? I don’t know what kids are doing these days.
    Tamara recently posted…It’s All Right, ‘Cause I’m Saved By The Bell.My ProfileMarch 14, 2015 – 6:59 pmReplyCancel

  • Nicki - “All of it scary and freeing and also just life and just us and just Just.”
    You and your little boy have come so far, together… the perfect travel companions.
    Um, what is a leprechaun trap??
    Nicki recently posted…Where’s The Pot Of Gold At The End Of This Rainbow?My ProfileMarch 15, 2015 – 3:14 amReplyCancel

    • Kristi Campbell - Thank you for your sweet words as always, Nicki! A leprechaun trap is a box that lures the mischievous little dudes in with gold or promise of it and then traps him. We went to Michael’s and got a bunch of stuff – Tucker actually conceptualized it himself which is awesome. I was going to have the lid fall down (propped up with a straw or whatever) but he wanted to cut a hole in the lid and put a paper over it so that the leprechaun would fall in when he walked across the paper – I’ll post photos on FB. :)
      Kristi Campbell recently posted…Early Intervention Evaluations and the St. Patrick’s Day that Wasn’tMy ProfileMarch 15, 2015 – 2:18 pmReplyCancel

  • Amber Williamson - I am recently dealing with evaluations right now with my five year old son. The journey has been hard but reading your experience has given me optimistic hopes.March 16, 2015 – 4:05 amReplyCancel

  • Michele @ A Storybook Life - Kristi, I learn so much from you every time I read one of your posts, and this one is no different. I love reading about Tucker — his light does jump right off the page (off the screen?), and I think it’s awesome how far you’ve come, together.

    But yeah, if you ever want to spill the beans on your New Orleans trip….I’m sure we’d all love to read that, too! ;-)
    Michele @ A Storybook Life recently posted…Right Now [End of Maternity Leave Edition]My ProfileMarch 16, 2015 – 3:05 pmReplyCancel

  • Galit Breen - This is so beautiful because it’s so very raw and real. I feel lie we just sat down together and you opened up with all of the things you’ve meant to tell me but haven’t had a chance yet. Stunning. Truly.
    Galit Breen recently posted…How Your Tween’s Private Photo Could Go Viral (And Why Private Accounts & Bully-Proofed Kids Aren’t The Answer)My ProfileMarch 17, 2015 – 11:18 pmReplyCancel

  • Meredith - That picture is just heartbreaking! But Tucker has the best mama in the world for him, so it’s beautiful in a way to look back at the past and see that you made it through that difficult time. Great post!
    Meredith recently posted…4 Reasons Why Mommy Pacts are Better Than Mommy Wars (And a Giveaway!)My ProfileMarch 22, 2015 – 10:45 amReplyCancel

    • Kristi Campbell - It really is amazing to see how far he’s come. Sometimes I forget and remembering how we used to try to get him to just touch his dad’s ear… And thank you!March 22, 2015 – 11:15 amReplyCancel

  • Sarah - IEP meetings are never easy and hearing results are so hard! Results mean nothing! You both have come so far. Go Tucker! He’ll continue on his journey and continue to amaze you!March 23, 2015 – 11:51 amReplyCancel

    • Kristi Campbell - It IS hard to hear the results but you’re right – they don’t mean anything really. Thanks so much!March 25, 2015 – 11:13 amReplyCancel

  • Tarana Khan - Beautiful post, Kristi. I like how you started with your worries and fears, but ended on such a bright and positive note. Really made me feel that your son is truly incredible!March 23, 2015 – 2:02 pmReplyCancel

I can only remember a few times as a kid when my mom told us that we didn’t have to go to school because it was closed for snow. Back then, we waded through drifts of freezing flakes. Our feet were armed with a layer of socks, a newspaper bag, and moon boots. We carried […]

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  • Emily - I’ve heard DC can be wimpy with snow, although I’m starting to think NY is not far behind. My kids have had more snow days this year than I had during my whole childhood! Love your snow day activities – especially #2. I’m going to have to try that and duct tape all 3 of my boys, including their mouths.:)
    Emily recently posted…The February LamentMy ProfileMarch 5, 2015 – 10:48 pmReplyCancel

  • Sandy Ramsey - Good Lord! I’m so glad we don’t get snow in Florida! I have seen so many posts on Facebook lately about schools being closed and moms going crazy.I can’t even imagine. Hang in there, my friend!
    Sandy Ramsey recently posted…How To Save A LifeMy ProfileMarch 5, 2015 – 10:51 pmReplyCancel

  • Tamara - Today I thought about making a snowman with a raised middle finger! Good, right? It wasn’t a snow day, though.
    I remember them being magical as a kid but can you imagine what it was like for my parents?? My dad still had to drive to work. My mom had to stay home with FIVE annoying kids. Holy cow. I feel claustrophobic just thinking about it.
    Tamara recently posted…Let’s Go Shooting Together.My ProfileMarch 5, 2015 – 11:14 pmReplyCancel

  • Lisa @ The Meaning of Me - I thought this was pretty entertaining, but you got me over the edge with pee-writing in the snow. Boy parents are so lucky! :D
    This is great. And yes, snow days are starting to grind my gears a bit, too. I’m with you on that thought that we closed school far less when we were kids…I think we just live in a much more litigious society.
    And now I’m off to finish my post (which pretty much means come up with an idea, bang it out, and go).
    XOXOMarch 5, 2015 – 11:20 pmReplyCancel

    • Kristi Campbell - Um Lisa? Just saying that girls can pee in the snow too. It’s not the same but you know the whole “everything boys can do, girls can do better?” I have to believe that a little bit. I’m outnumbered here.
      Kristi Campbell recently posted…Snow Days Are Hard, DC is Wimpy and 7 Activities for Kids on Snow DaysMy ProfileMarch 6, 2015 – 11:15 pmReplyCancel

      • Lisa @ the Meaning of Me - True, that. But you have to admit peeing in the snow with boy parts has to be way more fun than with girl parts. ;)March 6, 2015 – 11:36 pmReplyCancel

  • Mike - Your feelings on snow days seem to echo what a lot of parents say. It’s nice for one or two here and there…but several can really wreak havoc on parents jobs and schedules. Plus, the kids have those darn makeup days at the end when it’s summer. Maybe I’m not supposed to laugh but the duct taping is absolutely hysterical, Kristi!! One of the funniest pictures I accidentally never took because the two of us got caught in the moment. I made a snowman in the backyard. Phoenix just sat there 3 feet away, in the falling snow, staring at it and would not budge LOLOL!! Picture of you in a sun dress…yes please! Happy Friday and have a great weekend! :)
    Mike recently posted…Seattle Center Monorail in Seattle, WashingtonMy ProfileMarch 6, 2015 – 3:13 amReplyCancel

    • Kristi Campbell - Snow days ARE nice but the unplanned part of them is pretty hard. I try to balance giving less to work with less to Tucker but then I feel like an asshole giving less to Tucker and then I get depressed and give less to Tucker. It’s just better to have the routine, I think. And YAY for laughing at the duct tape!! A stupid woman on Pinterest today commented that these are the worst snow day ideas ever. DUH. It was a JOKE. Sigh.
      Happy Friday Mike. I love the picture in my head of Phoenix just staring at the snowman. At least he didn’t pee on him?
      Kristi Campbell recently posted…Snow Days Are Hard, DC is Wimpy and 7 Activities for Kids on Snow DaysMy ProfileMarch 6, 2015 – 11:24 pmReplyCancel

  • Janine Huldie - Where were you this morning?! Seriously was a snow day here today and got to be honest so over it and just ready for spring already and no more snow.March 6, 2015 – 3:14 amReplyCancel

  • Ruchira Khanna - I hear ya, Kristi. When the kid is home…everything comes to a halt more so since we have to give him the priority!

    Totally get it!!

    Loved those ideas with snow, though!March 6, 2015 – 5:37 amReplyCancel

  • Lizzi Rogers - I like the beach toy snow. That was inspired. I remember once spending several hours making a sled for Neff from cardboard boxes and packing tape. It lasted two days but he LOVED it, and it took FUH EVAR to make.March 6, 2015 – 6:48 amReplyCancel

  • Nicki Gilbert - I think I need to send my 11-year-old to you! He is CRAVING snow (I don’t know why, he’s Californian with South African ancestry) and would LOVE every single activity you have mentioned. Especially writing his name with pee in the snow! (handwriting is difficult for him too). He could also be activity no 8… Sound good? ;)March 6, 2015 – 7:15 amReplyCancel

  • Allie - I love it – and I am playing Spiderman with my kids today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But seriously, how many days has it ben? I am so sorry – I would have completely lost it by now. Last year – when Atlanta shut down for a week – I literally put the kids in the car and head south(west). I had to get OUT!March 6, 2015 – 7:19 amReplyCancel

  • Lisa @ Golden Spoons - Ha! Well, I’ve got girls, so I can’t do the pee thing. They did, however, do lots of baking during our snow days/weeks. They also made a snow chair last week. Guess they were tired of snow men – so they went in a different direction!
    Lisa @ Golden Spoons recently posted…When You Can’t Write What You Want to WriteMy ProfileMarch 6, 2015 – 7:24 amReplyCancel

  • Elizabeth - Oh, I remember those snow days in D.C. when we would listen to the radio in the morning waiting for them to announce which counties were closing for the day. Even all those decades ago people complained that D.C. was wimpy. ;-)

    I remember we used to read a lot when cooped up at home, and played a lot of board games.

    Good luck my dear!
    Elizabeth recently posted…THE DOCTOR’S BOOKSMy ProfileMarch 6, 2015 – 9:58 amReplyCancel

  • Chris Carter - “Grinds my gears”… I’m TOTALLY stealing that phrase. LOVE IT!!

    Yes- I am so done with this winter and the snow days too. They throw me completely off and take away any semblence of normalcy, which in turn causes major flustering and flakiness over here too.

    I just can’t do one more. We should all have a “Wear your sundress day” just to bring a bit of FUN to our dreadful winter season that keeps hold on. Seriously- lets DO IT!!

    I suppose we will all have our winter gear on top of the dress, but hey- ;)
    Chris Carter recently posted…I Am What I Am, And I am EnoughMy ProfileMarch 6, 2015 – 10:36 amReplyCancel

  • Kirstenjill Hudkins Robbins - Your snowman oddly reminds me of Alfred Hitchcock. We had a below 30 day yesterday (south Texas) and it was so funny to watch people freak out over the “severe winter weather.” Texans are wimps. Stay warm!!! XOMarch 6, 2015 – 12:05 pmReplyCancel

  • April G - I’ve never had a snow day and on the few days I’ve been where it snowed, it was celebrated and all the kids went to school late. I’m sorry that you’ve spent so much time indoors. I would never have usd that much duct tape. I’m too cheap. LOL. Have a great weekend.
    April G recently posted…A Trip to Ireland for You, $10,000 for a Noble Woman #SheisNobleMy ProfileMarch 6, 2015 – 12:40 pmReplyCancel

  • Kim - I love the duct tape and the writing by peeing in the snow!!
    I hate snow and always deemed snow days as days we didn’t step foot outside. When the boys were little (3 & 5) we had a horrible winter and, of course, Chris was deployed. Luckily friends would come and take the boys out to play in the snow because they knew I wasn’t going to!!!
    Kim recently posted…One Size Does NOT Fit All!!My ProfileMarch 6, 2015 – 1:01 pmReplyCancel

  • Allison - You have NO IDEA how absolutely terrible NC is, friend. I mean, terrible. It rained last night and was 37 degrees so we were on a three hour delay this morning. Whuck?
    Anyways, peeing in the snow is so rewarding for my sons, too. In fact, they ask to go outside to pee, then come back in. Whatever. I will stay in and eat cookies.
    Allison recently posted…A Blessedly Normal Essay (& do you know how strong mothers are?)My ProfileMarch 6, 2015 – 1:58 pmReplyCancel

  • Michelle Liew - I wish there was a balance to the seasons….we melt here!March 6, 2015 – 2:16 pmReplyCancel

  • Anna Fitfunner - #8: Cage-Fighting Kids: put all kids in one room, lock the door, and let Nature take its course. Come back in 45 minutes with a mop, squeegee, and gauze bandages. Provides a tea break for 45 minutes, and a subdued mood for the rest of the day. Remember not to answer any follow up calls from CPS.

    #9: Driveway Shoveling Marathon: send kids (particularly overly energetic boys like mine) to elderly neighbors’ houses to shovel their driveway. Invent reason to return to your house. Check on the kids in 30 minute intervals. Usually good for at least 1-2 hours, plus earns you neighborhood brownie points.

    #10: Indoor Olympics: you are the judge and come up with multiple events. Examples: speedy trash pick up, running up and down stairs, put away laundry, eat vegetables (see what I did there!). Overall winner gets to choose favorite dish or dessert to eat (see #4 bake cookies for an idea!). If you make the events aerobic enough, kids may chill for an hour or two afterwards.

    Have fun!!!!March 6, 2015 – 3:46 pmReplyCancel

  • Dana - Peeing in the snow – I love it! I used to walk in the snow and make a huge “I Love Chris” message outside of my bedroom window so I could sit in my room and look at it like the lovesick teenager that I was.

    I made my kids shovel because I can.
    Dana recently posted…My Love List for MarchMy ProfileMarch 6, 2015 – 4:49 pmReplyCancel

  • Marty Sabolo - I don’t have kids, but if I did I think all seven on my list would include vodka or Rumchata or both!March 6, 2015 – 9:36 pmReplyCancel

  • Marcia @ Menopausal Mother - Kristi, this is HILARIOUS!! It makes me wish I lived in snow (but only for a week) so I can try some of this stuff out. Think it will with ornery teenagers???
    Marcia @ Menopausal Mother recently posted…“Why Did You Buy This?” Twenty Birthday Gift FailsMy ProfileMarch 7, 2015 – 12:14 amReplyCancel

  • Kelly L McKenzie - Ok so I shouldn’t tell you that the local mountains are closed for the entire season due to lack of snow? And that the remaining mountains are pumping out as much fake snow as the mild temperatures will allow? Or that our violets, snow drops and daffodils are up? Ok. You didn’t hear it from me.
    Kelly L McKenzie recently posted…Remember To Spring ForwardMy ProfileMarch 7, 2015 – 1:28 pmReplyCancel

  • Don - Hahaha, yes, everyone is wimpier nowadays! A fun activity for me is to tell the kids to get the hell out of the house while daddy gets pretty drunk playing Mario Kart. Maybe.

    I don’t have any snow boots, so being out in the snow sucks to me. Sucks royally.
    Don recently posted…Fun with letters…My ProfileMarch 8, 2015 – 6:40 pmReplyCancel

  • My Inner Chick - 4.Bake cookies. If you don’t know how to bake them, eat them.

    Now, this is my all time fave. Especially when they are chocolate chip! Mmmmmmmmm

    How are you, Kristi? xxxMarch 9, 2015 – 7:50 amReplyCancel

  • Kenya G. Johnson - Your post just made me cold. I’m also sitting here with wet hair and drinking a smoothie, with the window open as it approaches 70 degrees if it’s not there already. My what a change from a few days ago.

    LOL to the snowman. You should have had Tucker sign it. LOL! Well I guess that would be rude. But kinda funny.
    Kenya G. Johnson recently posted…The cost of a mug shot…My ProfileMarch 10, 2015 – 11:16 amReplyCancel

  • Meredith - Ummmm. Your snowman looks amazing compared to mine. HA! Love it. In Utah, they NEVER cancel school here either. Even when I desperately want them to. And, this year we were practically begging for snow, but I’m glad spring is here. :)
    Meredith recently posted…4 Reasons Why Mommy Pacts are Better Than Mommy Wars (And a Giveaway!)My ProfileMarch 22, 2015 – 10:48 amReplyCancel

    • Kristi Campbell - LOL really? Also, I am SO glad spring is here. So glad. I’m so over the wet, muddy boots and gloves!March 22, 2015 – 11:14 amReplyCancel

  • Sarah - I love the tampon box car wash! So cute! Hopefully Spring will get here soon!
    Sarah recently posted…Wordless Wednesday AdventuresMy ProfileMarch 23, 2015 – 11:54 amReplyCancel

    • Kristi Campbell - LOL Sarah. And here’s to spring coming sooner than later. I’m so over the freezing cold!March 25, 2015 – 11:14 amReplyCancel

  • Tarana Khan - This was fun! But I can imagine how it gets with snow days after a while.
    Tarana Khan recently posted…Creative toys from Biddoo (Review)My ProfileMarch 23, 2015 – 2:06 pmReplyCancel

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